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Mystery of the Time Keeper

Created by Azzer and Weeble

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Note: Play this map on snapshot 14w21b. Newer snapshots may contain bugs.

Map Info:
A brand new custom adventure-mode map by Azzer & Weeble, built for the latest Minecraft 1.8+ with its new improved adventure mode features, designed particularly for 1 or 2 players.

Uncover what has happened to time itself, help the villagers of the clock tower, complete multiple side-quests while following the main storyline, go on a huge adventure and see amazing sights, solve puzzles, and ultimately become a saviour - or a destroyer - of the people.

Playing Info & Rules:

  • Requires Minecraft 1.8 (latest snapshots or full release).
  • Designed particularly for 1-2 players, but will support small groups!
  • Requires command blocks enabled for servers.
  • Must play in peaceful mode.
  • Must stay in adventure mode (NOT survival or creative!).
  • When you first start the map, have a walk around the spawn room and read some of the signs. Once you step on the pressure pad to start the map, a series of command blocks will set up most of the gamerules for you (eg put you in adventure mode, set map to peaceful mode etc.) - please don't alter any of these settings afterwards, it will cause problems!
  • Please read the books in the starter cave once you start the adventure, they are VERY short. Also take and keep the "Token List" book with you - this will be an invaluable tool in finding the hidden tokens found throughout the map!

Recommended server.properties settings:

How to play on Minecraft 1.8 (snapshot 14w21b):

  • Click "New Profile" or "Edit Profile" in the Minecraft Launcher.
  • Tick the box that says "Enable experimental development versions (*snapshots*)".
  • Click "Yes".
  • Select "snapshot 14w21b".

* Fixed a couple of minor typos.
* Removed random junk from many chests that people were stockpiling.
* Modified a number of signs/instructions to avoid some confusion throughout.
* Modified a couple of Tokens of Solving to make them (slightly) easier to find.
* Wizard moved closer to house entrance for added visual effect.
* Wizard removes the... "ingredient"... on completion.
* Removed an erroneous extra Seeking Token from Bill's wheat field (the token is not in the field, but there *IS* a token at Bill's windmill...).
* Made Ironbridge parkour easier in a couple of places.
* Ironbridge parkour only needs 3 not 4 supports now.
* Added signs to Dockmaster piers to clarify directions.
* Modified the stairway "puzzle" after the water-tunnel boating area.
* Exiting any of the three possible parkour areas throughout the map checks for creative/survival mode and sets you back to adventure mode, as some people forget to go back, or go back to survival by accident, after bypassing the parkour.
* A few other very minor changes to generally make things easier to find/navigate to.
* Original Release!

Map Details

Creator: Azzer and Weeble
(30 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 30 MB
Added: 2014-03-03
Downloads: 91,596
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 Airi This is legitimately one of the best multiplayer adventure maps I have played with my friend in a long, long time. The hidden puzzles were engaging, the parkour wasn't too difficult but was still fun and challenging, and I was really into the story by the midway point, wondering what was going to happen next. It was wonderful and I highly HIGHLY recommend it. We played it on the newest version of minecraft as of 6 July, and everything but the book tags were working perfectly, and the book tags were not necessary to completing the map.

2016-07-08 00:04

+1 fabzzz For anyone having problems with the versions, you must go to the "versions" folder in .minecraft and create a folder named 14w21b. Then download the client and .json files from "http://minecra ft.gamepedia.co m/14w21b" and put them in the folder you made. You can then reopen your launcher, enable snapshots and it will be there.

2016-07-06 14:23

+1 Ava I have *invalid book tag* on the quickstart guide and the entry code and now stuck on the lever puzzle :(

2016-07-06 03:43

+1 kurokitty great map my friend and i had so much fun playing it.

2016-07-06 01:45

+1 Help Quoting Mr_Waddles:
when i open the map and hit the pressure plate and it teleport me to a room and i read the signed book and it said Invalid book tag im in 1.8.9

go to 1.8 not 1.8.9

2016-07-04 22:18

+3 Mr_Waddles when i open the map and hit the pressure plate and it teleport me to a room and i read the signed book and it said Invalid book tag im in 1.8.9

2016-04-16 02:59

+1 Awesomeness2016 Btw, you can go to creative, I give 10/10 there should be another map like this

2016-02-22 17:01

-5 Epic_Pappy_Time I give it 5/10, I'm stuck at the part where you have to jump on the gravel across the lava, I'm not a very strong parkour person and I really want to finish playing the map but I don't have time to spend on this one part, it would be helpful if you put creative as a option if not then I will have to delete the map without finishing it and never play again

2016-01-22 07:56

-2 Epic_Pappy_Time fun map so far I can tell haven't finished it yet, just remember not everyone is good at parkour and don't want to spend hours on one part of the map trying to do it

2016-01-21 11:55

+1 Amber_Gem It was amazing i didn't manage to find many of the hidden tokens though. The best map ever. Loads of redstone thats so complicated! Anyway the only thing that was wrong was with the cat lady we put the disc in but she didn't give me the token. Maybe it was because i didn't wait till the end of the song but whatever! IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED IT YET DEFINITELY DO!!!!!

2015-11-15 19:21

-1 FroBros We did a playthrough of the map, really enjoyed it, kind of hated the wizard... but really fun map, I'd recommend. 9/10

2015-08-20 15:19

+5 Luis I was doing the Private Property Puzzle and i opened the book and said *invalid book title* So im stumped on the lever Puzzle

Also im playing on the correct version

2015-07-08 16:42

+1 Sugar__Dunk This was an amazing map! I enjoyed it immensely!

2015-06-13 12:55

0 TheDusk What do you do when you get the time cores? i got stuck there

2015-05-05 22:27

+5 Saeas This adventure map nearly ruined me for other maps. It was the very first one I ever played, and I wanted every single one of them to be this good.

I have played this map MULTIPLE times, and with friends, and plan to record it as well. We had a blast playing this, and if I remember correctly, shoved each other off multiple things etc. I dunno if PvP was supposed to be off or not but I think we left it on. It ended up being hilarious in so many ways. :)

I recommend this map to anyone and everyone that I come across that likes adventure maps. I LOVE this map! Make more please!

2015-04-28 06:14

0 pandagirl0812 got past pressure plates but when i jump in the lava after it does not teleport me please help thanks

2015-04-20 20:46

+1 Lijthesurvivor So far, I searched and searched and TORE UP Bill's Farm and I only figured out it was 2 blocks under the table (I think 2 blocks,possibly one) Please move it so I can see it!

2015-04-06 20:17

+2 Gabett One of my favourite maps! I've played it twice to get both endings:D Beautiful map, hard but not frustrating puzzles and parkours, great redstone, interesting story, absolutely 10/10! I might play it a third time to collect all the tokens...:D :) Nice job, guys, keep on doing it like this! ;)

2015-03-14 00:03

+5 Larry Kiddle One of the BEST MAPS. Fantastically constructed adventure. A mixture of parkour and adventure is excelling. Azzer and Weeble deserve all the respect. Please download this map. The long plot allows the player to persistently admire the map.


2015-01-26 07:12

+6 SapphireRetta Brilliant, amazing are the first two words that come to mind.

I've started uploading my play through.

Can't wait to see the next map.

2014-12-16 13:16

+2 CrustyFeetMan i loved this map but it felt a little short whoever made this should make a lot more like this its amazing

2014-12-13 19:46

+7 Asija14 This map is Amazing!!!

2014-12-12 13:16

+5 Guest Quoting TobeNemo32:
You don't have the right version, select the exact version mentioned here.

changed gamemode back to1.8 (the version mentioned) and *invalid book tag* still pops up. Help?

2014-12-02 00:50

+8 MinerDave This is a great map love the ending thx for making it let me know when you make more

2014-11-19 03:34

+2 John The map was great but, for me it seemed the tokens of seeking were annoying if you were trying to find all of them and getting the tokens of gratitude was the longest part of the map, the maze would of been if I didn't skip it.

2014-11-18 21:44

+1 ctfsh This was one of the best adventure maps I've ever played c:

2014-11-15 00:30

+3 TobeNemo32 Quoting Eridael:
All of the books say 'invalid book tags' and I can't read them. :(

You don't have the right version, select the exact version mentioned here.

2014-11-07 00:45

+1 Aurelitron I know it's a little late to the party, but I've started a LP of this and I enjoyed it a lot! Maybe you will too? Or maybe you just wanna check out the map! :)


2014-11-06 04:21

+2 Rainbow I loved this map especially the ending. unfortunately, i was playing on minecraft 1.8 so I couldn't read books, though. :)

2014-11-05 19:37

-5 ToiletPlunge I have made a YouTube play through of this map, in case you guys want to see what it is like before you play it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEsXX9KMqm0) I loved the map, and hope to try more of your guy's adventure maps!

2014-10-01 21:38


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