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Diamond Sword RPG

Created by Mick_5

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Map Info

Diamond Sword a Zelda inspired map..Remade for 1.14.4..

Whats new in the remake?

New Builds, all new commands and items, every sign and item has been remade, all villagers and chests redone. New dungeon layouts, added a brand new nether and dungeon, All new sound effects and custom music,   Can be played with 2 players now... 

Must be played in 1.14.4 only...

Render Distance set to 11 or more

Watch a walkthrough of the map here-

The texture pack loads with the map, if it did not install when you loaded the map or you need it for a second player, download it here-   

New Map Features

  • Added-3d modelled and animated weapons and items 
  • Custom sound effects
  • Custom Data Packs
  • Texture pack that loads with the map
  • All new bosses in every dungeon and some with boss bars
  • Cutscenes 
  • Scripted events
  • New Story Quests

New game play Features

There are many new gameplay features in this map, similar to the Zelda games, example

  • Pushing blocks to find secrets, 
  • Cutting grass anywhere throughout the world to find items.
  • Using sticks to light torches and solve puzzles.
  • Wearing masks to see hidden things.
  • Using certain weapons to enter new areas.
  • Using bombs to blow up cracked walls.

This map has lots of puzzles..

I Have spent the last 8 months remaking this...

Please don't use any mods except optifine, if you wish to use it..

If you play this in any version other than 1.14.4 the villagers will not work correctly..

Map Story

Diamond Sword is an RPG adventure map containing 6 dungeons, and a large world to explore, inspired by the Legend of Zelda games. Your journey will take you through ice palaces, mysterious forests, secret pyramids, haunted graveyards, nether towers, and many other places on your quest to recover the legendary diamond sword and stop the evil wizard from spreading darkness across the lands. There are hidden villages towns and endless secrets hidden throughout the world and many different places to discover...


This map has lots of puzzles and tough mob battles, if you don't like that, this might not be the map for you..

A good PC is highly recommended our it will be very laggy.

This map is now 2 player compatible, I have not tested it with 2 players, but it should work as intended..

Although I have not tested this map with optifine, there is usually a glitch with optifine and 3d models, but if you have no problem with the models then use it if it makes the map smoother...


This map was quite popular when I released it 4 or 5 years ago, and has had around 60 000 downloads and lots of good reviews, but I thought it had lots of flaws and too many spelling mistakes, so I thought it was time to remake it again, with all the new things I have learn't from map making over the years, so here it is.. Hope you enjoy...


Credit to Bleaker

and BismarckMagQuark,

for testing the map and bug reports..


- Fixed the fountain in greentown you could swim up and get stuck, fixed the teleport hub that you could accidently place a button on,
fixed some door sound effects..

- Hopefully the final update, Fixed a bug in the library where you can lose your sword in an item frame if you click on it with a sword in your hand, which has been fixed, after doing over 25 bug tests, I hope this is the last bug, but if you find any more, please let me know in the comments..

- Fixed a place you could get stuck when searching a hidden area, 95% of players would never actually find the spot, but none the less it needed to be fixed, so the map is 100% bug free..


Map Details

Creator: Mick_5
(354 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 760 MB
Added: 2019-08-15
Downloads: 19,728
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 Hyperdiamond900 Quoting Jeeraff:
I encountered a bug while playing with a friend, when we reached the mushroom dungeon and when my friend lit the stick, the stick replaced my Blade of Pain in hand with the stick somehow and I lost the weapon :(

Same. My friend lost the King Sword

2019-10-11 21:17

0 Jeeraff I encountered a bug while playing with a friend, when we reached the mushroom dungeon and when my friend lit the stick, the stick replaced my Blade of Pain in hand with the stick somehow and I lost the weapon :(

2019-10-07 14:23

+3 Hallideadly Great map. Full recommend. Although the map stresses a render distance of 11+ my laptop could not handle so I lowered it to 6 and finished the map. No spoilers suffice to say Please make more...

2019-10-05 03:27

+5 Ellesmerian Fantastic map!! I thoroughly enjoyed playing this map. I play a lot of adventure maps and this is definitely one of my favorites.

Only had one minor bug: whenever I would be walking through the ice plains, there were always one or two invisible silverfish that would follow me around and hit me, but I couldn't hit them back. I had to exit and reenter the game to fix it.

10/10! Would play again.

2019-09-30 00:54

0 Gavin Jules It's a cool map bro

2019-09-29 16:08

+5 Ichi23 Hey Mick, first of all, I just want to thank you so much for putting so much effort into this map! the amount of dedication is really shown with every stage I move onto and all the transitions, etc. I was wondering if you could answer me this part: After you visit the King at the Cracked Stone Castle, he mentions that I need to find a mask at a certain "cliff". I spent at least an hour but I can't find the mask anywhere. Do you mind if you could tell me where to go?

2019-09-24 04:02

0 Sebbedebbe I cant remember were mick chestplate are

2019-09-23 12:28

+6 anon You are a very talented map maker, hold our hands way too much. It kind of breaks the immersion when you have wooden signs in several places telling us that we need to collect pieces of armor or keep our sword, or etc.

Even if you put some sort of mental dialogue in from the player, that'd be infinite times better. Because at it is right now it feels kind of like an educational arcade game rather than an immersive adventure. Other than that, great map.

2019-09-21 03:34

+7 Dreamz i spent 4 days playing this map, and i am not disappointed one bit,
it was amazing and so worth my time. i loved every little bit of it-- from the music, to the bosses, to the building. everything
it was so fun to play, i can't wait to see you do more in the future

2019-09-18 21:45

+7 lolgal555 The most fun 56 straight hours of my entire life!

2019-09-17 03:27

+4 Me playing games Hey Mick_5 That is a cool map. Actually These are cool maps. I'm playing your all maps. So... I stuck in this map.I mean Diamond sword rpg. Can you help me please? I found the "The pickaxe of secrets" pickaxe . So... it can break iron ores . I broke the first, second, fourth. I can't find third. Can you please tell me where can i find it? Thank you for reading :)

2019-09-14 15:50

+5 Grane1234 I've put in all the gold coins to get into the forest but the entrance isn't opening

2019-09-14 02:21

-1 dan what do i need to enter mushroom dungeon been stuck for a while now

2019-09-13 21:22

+14 Quigley For some reason my friend and I did not spawn at the right place does anyone happen to know the coordinates for the correct spawn?

2019-09-13 01:55

+6 lilinumber I had a great time playing this map! it took me almost a week, but i finally finished it (I took so long looking for all of the secrets, but there so many there are always new ones to find!) As well, the clues/quest instructions were often clear and more like simple riddles. I only got stuck in a few spots, but when I watched IzzyTrekker's walk through on YouTube it cleared up the few tiny little things I missed. Overall, this was a great map! It was very engaging, well designed,and focused. The builds as well are very nice, and give the whole map a lovely atmosphere. 10/10 would play again (or the sequel??) , and would recommend to anyone!! Thank you Mick_5!!

2019-09-11 22:55

0 DrkNxt I really like the map so far, but when i press the button to teleport to Icewind Plains, I just get teleported in a wall and suffocate (coordiantes are 3500 57 -6121)
I hope you can help me.

2019-09-09 20:27

-1 Dimension_Valley infinite emeralds buy potions for 40 sell for 50

desert temple button on roof with chestplate press then jump get stuck

2019-09-08 16:44

+1 Stev Great map! I'm stuck on where the king tell me to find a cliff with a chest that contains the magical mask, please help.

2019-09-08 03:53

+1 DragonRider24601 this map is amazing best map ever played cant wait for the second

2019-09-06 16:23

+5 InSaNe_97 Okay, this is something I call "worth". It makes Me wonder how much time is spent here. All the cheers from Me, keep it up!

2019-09-04 18:02

0 Magical I'm stuck at where the King in the Cracked Stone Castle tells me to go find a magical mask on a cliff. In the quest rundown the next quest is to enter the portal realm and go to the Netherworld. I can't find the cliff or the portal realm to go to Nether. Any help is appreciated! Very good map and I'm almost there.

2019-09-04 04:48

0 Xabean LOved This Map It Was So Awesome

2019-09-01 03:25

0 one slippery boi Okay I dont know where the ladders are for the swamp. I got two, The one in the cave with water, and I dont remeber the other. I just need a pointer as to where the ladder might be.

2019-08-31 04:04

-1 Carmagr I can't find the face

2019-08-30 14:42

+1 rachel I think when I was trying to find the last coin into the forest I actually accidentally found another way in. I got up on top of the trees and dropped my way in. Whoops. Otherwise the map is good so far :)

2019-08-29 22:27

-2 Otávio Hello, I have a problem with the ice palace, some of those little spiders are just invisible, is that awful, any solution?

2019-08-29 12:47

0 Izzytrekker AWESOME map Mike_05 :)
I recorded all of it and its on YTube right now.

I enjoyed it alot. The puzzles were awesome and fun. Many mobs and bosses. Lots of Lever switching-----
(Loved the moment in the graveyard when i easily guess the code)
----- and some new armor and button finding. Puzzles werent to hard or easy. I had lots of fun recording it. There were a few times i got stuck but i either asked and you responded (thanks!) Or i managed to find a way through it. I rate it 4 3/4 stars. Loved it!

There were a couple times the puzzles got annoying and hard. Lots of dark areas as well. Hard to see sometimes.
(even when i played at nightime, and, the blinds were closed) And not much room. Had to put things in chests i found. Almost lost some things.

I admit i had to cheat once or twice. But that was only during the puzzles that i got stuck on. I only did things like "break" down / "force" open it. :/
Loved the map though! :)

Me and mom are doing the map
The Journey for the Enchanted Crest.
I am not sure if its a map you made though. But i think it might be.
(I regonise the doors and sounds)

2019-08-29 05:07

-1 RogueWolf I having trouble finding the boots in the forest dungeon, any hints or could I be pointed in the right direction?

P.S- I have everything but the boots and completed the dungeon

2019-08-29 03:38

-2 Carmagr Where are all the ladders and where is the key to the cliff chest?

2019-08-27 17:58

+1 DragonRider24601 this was the best minecraft map Ive ever played

2019-08-26 18:19


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