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Devil's Deep

Created by Reginald Pugginton

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Devil's Deep is in turmoil. Two rival Houses are squabbling for power, while a war with foreign powers is looming. You can decide the future of this city by completing quests and defeating countless bosses. Or maybe you'll help out the Witch Hunters by clearing dungeons and discovering powerful weapons. Eventually, you'll even be able to side with a House and choose a new king...


  • 6 dungeons
  • 10 quests
  • Over 20 bosses
  • Dozens of unique weapons and armor sets
  • Interactive chat!


-Updated to 1.16.3.
-New quest with a boss added!
-New items, weapons and armor (old ones changed/rebalanced).
-Old quests expanded (mainly in the Nether).
-New NPCs/dialogue.
-Bugs removed.
-Other quality of life stuff (spelling errors removed, lever locations changed, etc.).


Map Details

Creator: Reginald Pugginton
(259 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.3
Size: 272 MB
Added: 2020-02-01
Downloads: 11,748
Category: Adventure Maps


0 amirrr7 Quoting Garvo:

no this is single player

2021-09-04 20:13

+9 Reginald Pugginton Quoting Garvo:

The map was created for singleplayer, so the quests might not work the way they're intended. Still, there's a lot of other stuff you could do while playing the map with friends! (like discovering the city, finding easter eggs, clearing dungeons, etc.)

2020-09-02 20:22

+11 Garvo Multiplayer?

2020-05-19 22:37

+1 xPandachu This map is extremely laggy and thus barely playable, and I think I know why. At first I thought the lag was just my computer, so I changed all my settings to be the lowest/fastest they could be (ex. setting my render distance all the way down to 2, adding 2 more GB of RAM to the version). Still, it was very laggy. Then I saw how the world was flat water world (I don't know the technical term,) which I think caused all the lag. Because of this though, I had to stop playing because it would constantly be buffering and thus not as enjoyable. I'd suggest only playing if your computer/PC can handle a lot of lag. Another small bug is that when you stand near to the skeleton NPCs, they actually hurt you (but not by a lot.)

But other than the lag, I think the map is very well made! It gives you the option to roam and explore everything at your own pace. At times, it's a bit overwhelming (the dungeon house with the pillagers, for example: there were a LOT and they swarmed like crazy so it was impossible to fend off while also searching for the letter/book, which I couldn't find anyways,) and confusing but I think it's worth it because you can choose what quests/dungeons you'd like to go through first. The buildings, fights, people, and stories (the Taco Bell vs McDonald's for example, haha!) are amazing.

Also, adding the coordinates in the book for each quest/dungeon was a very good touch! I would've taken forever to find each of them without those coordinates.

2020-05-16 00:53

+2 crazy goblins I've never been so overwhelmed with things to explore as I was when I started this map, and the fact that it has a sense of humor and takes things lightly only serves to make the experience better. It exudes passion and a homemade feel while still having relatively impressive command block programming. My only complaints are some quests have you running back and forth to locations across the map for seemingly no reason, things can be a bit tricky to find, the combat is downright unfair, and the game clears your items before the last area without telling you, which was a bummer. Other then that though, its delightful. If you want a day or two of exploration and enjoyment this game is for you. I felt sad after I beat it because of how much fun I was having. 5/5.

2020-04-24 19:30

-2 Doja Gato Does this support Co-Op?

2020-04-20 13:00

+2 Vengeur I just have to say well done. There is SO MUCH going on in this map it is truly amazing. My only criticism is I wish you had a more structured layout on how to accomplish everything because I genuinely want to see everything you have on this map. It is funny! It is dark! It is amazing! I'm super impressed with what the team developed here.

The underground crime den had me laughing for a good while. So subtle and so well made. Good job guys.

2020-04-18 21:46

+1 Assassin66666 It lags a lot. Could not do much.

2020-04-18 08:56

+1 mturn This map looks really awesome, and me and some friends were wondering if it works with multiplayer. There are 4 of us, and I want to check that it will work before I try it. If not I might still play it on my own though if not. Thanks.

2020-03-19 00:01

0 stromosso this is a big map and its too fun I get to play it for days

2020-02-13 08:29

+1 gardersnake47 When loading the map I am unable to place items on this map, however i am playing with another person and they are able to break blocks, place blocks, etc. like typical survival maps. Should i reload this map and see if it will work correctly ?

2020-02-09 21:22

0 hi can you play multiplayer?

2020-02-08 22:20

0 DIdgy For some reason its not showing up in my single player menu. I downloaded it and then put it in my saves file so i'm a little confused

2020-02-08 06:49

+3 Met There appear to be some signs and paintings on the ship that break when starting the map, don't know if they're important or not

2020-02-06 16:05

0 BlackJayX I can't eat any food.

2020-02-06 01:28

0 hmmmm 270mb for 30 minutes map without any texturepack hmmmmmmm

2020-02-03 10:54

0 SonicYT Awesome Map!

2020-02-01 16:28


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