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Deadlock 2 - A Crack in Time

Created by warfcat

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*THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO: Deadlock - The Journey Begins*

You were recently called in to uncover the truth about what has been happening in a facility called Deadlock. As you traveled within the midst of the facility, you uncovered a startling secret. You found a secret underground facility. In this facility you found that Deadlock was actually trying to make creatures to wipe out the entire earth. Luckily you foiled the executive's plan. You were able to kill the monster in which would wipe out the world. In the process of all this, you accidentally killed your uncle. Now you traveled back into the past to save him...

You wake up in a mysterious forest. You have no idea where you are, or what year you are really in. The sky is gray, almost night time. You need to get to Mr. Turner and save him from going into Deadlock. You also need to make a time machine. Seems fairly easy, but you get caught up in some trouble along the way....

Download today and find out some explicit truths about Mr. Turner and how Deadlock came to be!


1) The map is playable with two players.

2) Read all signs and books, as they will aid you in your journey.

3) This adventure is a more of a "DOING" adventure, not so much reading.

4) Your main goal is to make a time machine and get back into the future.

5) If you do not follow the directions, the map won't make any sense, AND the map will blow up. Shouldn't be to hard if you just follow the directions:)

Most importantly- !Have Fun!


Check out the official Deadlock Facebook page: Deadlock on Facebook.

The Deadlock Trilogy:
Deadlock - The Journey Begins
Deadlock 2 - A Crack in Time

Deadlock 3 - The Final Frontier

Map Details

Creator: warfcat
(9 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 7.6 MB
Added: 2013-02-21
Downloads: 70,299
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 kyleandrei can you help me at the beginning the two levers that i found isn't working and can't change gamemodes to place it

2015-05-22 01:51

+1 Stormysocks I'm having an issue with the levers. In the very beginning, I found the two levers, but the game isn't allowing me to place them on the diamond blocks. The game also isn't allowing me to switch gamemodes (which I know is intentional) for me to place the levers. Any help?

2015-05-19 23:52

0 _XoneX_ Once again an awsome map im going to play the third one right now!!
I found 24 diamonds

2015-04-26 11:05

0 Lucille I only got 25 diamonds I didnt get the 10 others. IT IS A GREAT GAME I FORGOT TO MENTION

2015-04-21 04:41

0 EpicEm246 I loved playing the map. It was a bit confusing but very fun. You have done a magnificent job on it, and I have a few ideas in mind. 9 and a half out of 10! AWESOME!!!!

2014-11-30 07:29

+1 Seal_Force i was going to the meeting room, with the button, and i placed it 1 block above the gold block. i was like goddamit *Table Flip*

2014-05-17 13:03

+1 california_gal I had the shed key in my hand and I accidently placed it to the right of the diamond block, can u please make it if u misplace it u can delete it then get it back on future maps. I had to re download the whole map again

2014-05-12 01:36

0 Mrs_Greenleaf So I got to the time machine part and I got the pressure plate that's supposed to go on the gray wool. But, you know, I was being stupid and accidentally put it on the purple wool. Should I just restart the world?

2014-05-09 22:39

+1 n it was a fantastic map, only thing i didn't like about it is when u go into the time machine and there's a diamond block
to put a presser plate on but i didnt have one! what do you do there?

2013-12-19 19:44

+3 wiizarrrd 30 diamonds :D i really like this map but sometimes the were too fast for me but the the only thing and it would be nice when you make screenshots of all the places where the diamonds are

2013-10-02 20:28

-1 candykait99 I got 22 diamonds!!! I feel so proud of myself :D

2013-09-15 18:41

+1 Beale11 I mentioned my Let's Play of Deadlock 1 on the last forum. Here's Part 1 of A Crack in Time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6EagwkqCco

2013-08-22 20:15

+1 litttlenick271 in the pacman mini game i clicked the "correct" switch more than once and i got more switches.

2013-08-18 04:41

+1 SoapyTurtle It is amazing but i kept accidentally placing pressure plates and i couldnt get them back!!!! argh! other than that, FAB map!

2013-08-17 10:22

+1 Nekromancer69 ** May contain spoilers**

Nice twist at the end. I got confused on one part because I had to go down that hole to the "time machine" and there was a diamond block, but I didn't have a pressure plate or anything O_o i was like da eff, In the beginning where you go into that room with all of the dispensers and it shoots arrows and harming potions at you, I didn't die at first and I couldn't go through bc of the pressure plates, so I looked inside one of the dispensers and killed myself with the potions lol. Seemed to work fine :P There were some MINOR spelling errors but that's not really a big deal, Just being observant. Bout to play the next one. If you ever need someone to test maps for ya I'd be happy to help. :)

2013-08-05 22:33

0 shimmiiPie Did this with dinotoMARS and we got only 20 diamonds :(
VERRYY fun map. Really enjoyed it thanks :D

2013-07-29 21:35

+2 Ali the map was great I really liked it

2013-07-21 13:47

+2 Wreck_it_Rock15 26 Diamonds BoohYah!!!

2013-07-09 20:15

0 theunderlordx30 GREAT MAP!!!!!!!

I had 29 diamonds and I was looking for the magneotide and I put the button on the orange wool and pressed it nothing happened. WHERE IS THE MAGNEOTIDE?

2013-07-07 16:36

+1 Kwixido I would of liked to fight the boss, but great map. I don't know if I was suppose to fight anyone but I didn't.. nothing showed up, but still great map. 8/10 is my rating.

2013-07-07 03:18

+5 Amanda I completed Deadlock 1 in one day!!!!
Can't wait to play this one!

2013-06-08 17:01

+2 Frost_914 I found 21 Diamonds in your map and i really enjoyed it!
cant wait for the sequel

2013-06-06 16:15

+2 Supreme11 These maps are awesome, keep up the good work.

2013-05-26 20:08

+3 Darkblade This map sounds really cool, awesome work warfcat! A+++++++

2013-05-19 23:11

+3 GooD! This is pretty cool!I completed it,the only "bad" thing was that when i was in Mr turners house, i saw the films and wanted to look one..i deleted the paint that was on TV and there was a secret door :P And when i was angry i put gm1 on maself :P COOL!

2013-05-13 18:46

+1 Hannah Quoting be:
I misplaced the pressure plate when you go to the time machine and now i am stuck.

I know that sucks it happened to me before also.

2013-05-03 12:21

+4 Hannah This is that type of map you get on the wiki and look for the next one. It is a great map and i cant wait until the next one comes out.

2013-05-03 12:20

+1 loopyluis135 I cant find where the basement is in the mansion?
Any help?

2013-05-02 09:29

-1 warfcat Quoting PuertoShano:
I was almost done then i mistakenly placed a pressure plate in the wrong spot and now I have do do the whole thing over!! But, its a cool map anyway. I just wish you could change gamemodes.

All you have to do is open to lan with cheats and you would have cheats, lol.

2013-04-22 19:38

+1 PuertoShano I was almost done then i mistakenly placed a pressure plate in the wrong spot and now I have do do the whole thing over!! But, its a cool map anyway. I just wish you could change gamemodes.

2013-04-22 14:44


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