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Confectionary Carnival

Created by DoctorChosen

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Map Info

DoctorChosen here!

Confectionary Carnival is a single/multiplayer Candyland amusement park themed map where players will collect various items and keys in order to unlock other sections of the map while also protecting themselves from monsters that have overrun the park.

Confectionary Carnival has been overrun by mobs and monsters! You must travel to the power room on the opposite side of the park, turn on the power station in order to make sure all the mobs get destroyed and never come back. Can you save the park? or will you be too distracted by all the sugar and sweets...

BSL Shaders are recommended but not required. If you have dynamic lighting turned on you may use the lantern as a flashlight.

There are no texture packs required for the map.

This map is estimated at around 2-3 hours of playtime (depending on how many players)

Features overview:

  • Player vs Mob
  • Parkour
  • Puzzle
  • Adventure
  • Mazes
  • Multiplayer
  • Hidden Items

If you end up recording or making a video of the map. Please link the map/my YouTube in the comments. I spend a lot of time on these maps and often don't get much in return. Thanks :)

ALSO! If you find any bugs/issues with the map please dm me on twitter/instagram and I'll patch it in at least 24 hours :)







Patch fixing minor bugs/issues with the map. Thanks to everyone who played and gave feedback.

- Removed peaceful difficulty (couldn't eat cake as a result)
- Lit up some areas to reduce mob spawns during the day
- Made parkour in mushroom mound a tad easier so there are no 4 block jumps
- Clarified no going out of bounds


Map Details

Creator: DoctorChosen
(92 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 21 MB
Added: 2021-05-17
Downloads: 10,656
Category: Adventure Maps

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+2 Slade Wilson This is amazing, so gud. Tks for all of builder.

2021-06-04 16:07

+2 notadoctor It is a good map! it looks beautiful. well I had to cheat for half the map but it wasn't bad.

2021-06-04 07:32

+7 TalentedPotato It was a great map! Definitely had to look at a solutions video to figure out a couple of the puzzles (such as the one in the Mansion) but overall was well made. No bugs that made the map unplayable which is always nice lol. My only issue was the beginning area was a little confusing on how to move forward. Some simple fixes could be done to make this map even better! Overall worth the play if you enjoy more open-world type adventure maps, parkour, and easy mob fights!

2021-06-01 08:26

+1 Asill Spawnpoint is broken for new players.

2021-05-31 04:48

-12 doctorchode this map was the worst map i have ever played.

2021-05-29 03:41

+1 caspur parkour is poorly laid out and bad level design

2021-05-22 14:55

0 Pvt_Winters Quickly found an oversight in map design where mobs could spawn indoors even during daytime because the buildings were not properly lit up.

This is especially egregious with the Chocolate Mansion because its inside is barely lit, allowing mobs to spawn inside it even though the game said you'd be safe from mobs while inside.

Also, the Shulker Box where you find the Truck Key literally can't be opened because the cake is in the way. You have to finish eating the cake before you can open the box, and since the hunger meter is always full in Peaceful mode, this part is literally impossible in Peaceful as you can't eat the cake at all.

2021-05-21 09:27

-7 Auto_Correct- Map is pretty bad you didn't think about mobs spawning in the ice cream mountain did ya i mean i was on a fucking minecart like what it was filled btw that was the last straw for me like what are your puzzles I had to in spectator mode to know wtf to do in the coco farm place how do I know the code is 1 2 4 and legit the bee hive how do you it I'm sorry but this map is piece of shit actually no my shit is better than this my cat's shit is better than this i would rather having lick my self instead of shower for year than give this more over 20 minutes of playtime do not recommend

2021-05-19 09:14

0 player oh, and also, some of the books in the lecterns are on the last page when you first open them/they haven't been reset

2021-05-19 02:10

0 player Nice map! One bug though: I died and respawned in the last area (with the ferris wheel), skipping most of the map, and had to cheat to see the rest.

2021-05-19 02:08

0 Dragon Flower This is a good map. I am just starting out on it. There is one issue I have with it though. If you die, you spawn back in at a point of the park that wasn't unlocked yet. It's on the side where the Ferris Wheel is. And if you haven't unlocked that area, like I haven't, you can't get back into the other side of the wall. Just thought I would let someone know about it. I do love the map, and that's the only issue I have with it. :)

2021-05-17 19:28


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