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Chainlink Islands (Part II: Underground Oasis)

Created by U-Crafting

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Watch the trailer.

Make sure to play the prequel first: Part I: Forgotten Sanctuary.

Map Info:
After escaping the cell you have been locked up in on earth, you begin the second part of this adventure, locating treasure for an old friend through the puzzled Underground Oasis.

The thief is back again and has stolen everything that means something to you. It's time to continue this adventure.

What this map features:
- Planned events and storyline.
- Puzzles, Riddles and some Parkour.
- 30 - 45 minutes of gameplay.
- Redstone and Command block use.
- Beautiful builds.

Recommended Texture Pack: John Smith Legacy.

If anybody would like to make a LP of this map or part I, I would love to watch it! So post it in the comments or in the discussion area on my channel!

Part 3 will be up soon!


Map Details

Creator: U-Crafting
(14 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 6.4 MB
Added: 2014-02-01
Downloads: 38,778
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Lowell Gomez Wow, I have played Part 1 and Part 2 and those 2 were really impressive. Although some things were quite "REALLY" hard to find like the bucket of water to let flow the under pearl, the map was really great. For Part 1, I have a 10/10, for Part 2, I give a 9/10 but it was great.

SO DISAPPOINTED PART 3 IS NOT COMING OUT! Guys, that map was published in 2014, it's been 2 years since Part 3 should have come out so we will just abandon. Still, great map!

2016-02-28 18:28

+2 flower child i cant break out of the prison with the pickaxe at the start but its probably me being stupid btw the first map was great

2015-11-07 15:17

-1 Simsayshello24 This map is REALLY good, Love this map series!

2015-08-19 22:49

0 Kairo Wolf Even better than the first one. And I didn't struggle with the parkour like part one. Love this series :)
I still had to break a rule though.. But it wasn't my fault! There was this.. Evil chicken...

My video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79GFBZck6T8

Although I do have to ask, Are you okay Unicorn Crafting?? From what I can tell, you disappeared over a year ago right after a trailer for part 3 that would be up a week later. And then that was it. I hope you simply just quit and didn't get into an accident or something :(

2015-08-03 20:13

-1 MythosGames I just finished part 2 and did part 1 like, an hour ago. LOVE UR MAPSSSSS. They are amazing and challenging!

2015-02-26 02:07

+3 Emma I love this series, but i would like them to be abit longer, they seemed to be quite short

2014-09-03 11:53

0 OblezVain Very impressive map check out my youtube series:

2014-05-20 09:02

+5 Viet Just did part II! (did map 1 last week)

I'll be keeping an eye out for part 3

2014-05-13 05:22

+1 Destinyshiva Pretty cool map! I've done a playthrough, if you'd like to see:


I will continue to do this series as it comes out so please subscribe and support maybe, and I'll continue to champion the map! :')

2014-05-05 15:38

+1 Ladybird i cant find the key, in the tower with al the water is it on the wall or do i try and find a chest

2014-05-04 20:06

+6 Someguy Both maps were seriously good, but I have one question, where is the third chapter? Seriously, it's been more than a month, we need the third chapter. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!

2014-04-12 22:39

+3 Nickolas_Ryan When is the next one coming out ive been waiting soooo long!!!! please make more! i also would like a link the the resource pack if there is one.

2014-04-06 04:09

+2 iiTzSMITH Is a great map and series altogether. Had a lot of fun playing through so far and recording. Can't wait for part III

Here's my recordings if you want to see :)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDoCM1TDnHA&list=UUhYn5nmlgSw3nGmZq_zwizQ (part 1)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbHD4i7141E&list=UUhYn5nmlgSw3nGmZq_zwizQ (part 2)

2014-03-21 18:25

+1 Lucas Quoting music:
what do you do once you get the key from the high security tower

Go back and there's some other way! :D

2014-03-16 14:44

-1 Lucas Quoting DoodleCat13:
Any item will despawn. Try using hoppers + comparators instead.

Or you could keep the slimeballs and when you got all of them put them in (it worked for me).

2014-03-16 14:44

+1 Lucas Quoting Annababi929:
So, I went down the ladder in the base camp, got what was inside the chest, and broke the iron door.. Was that what I was suppose to do? I have no idea what to do next :( Please help I loved playing this one so far and I loved the one from before and I do NOT want it to end...
No... you should break the cobblestone in the way to the iron door

2014-03-16 14:42

+1 Lucas GREAT map but it was a bit shorter then Chainlink 1... Still really good map i'm really waiting for Chainlink 3 now

2014-03-16 14:41

0 TehGamingLamp Hey ! I did a LP of the first one and I am starting the 2nd, will be uploaded tomorrow :) Here is the first episode to Part I :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoALv8Mk9Dk&list=UU_Rp9_ZHuki6UPnen8jQWYw&feature=c4-overview

P.S Love the map series ! :D

2014-02-26 03:25

+1 metol007 so i did a video of the first map of the chain link islands map and thought you would like to see it like you said. map 2 will come out thurs. i realy liked the map and cant wait till the next one

2014-02-19 02:33

+2 FlashSpark29 Great storyline! Loving the series and can't wait for the next one. Here's part 1 of my video - http://youtu.be/qsP45nABdlo

2014-02-18 11:44

+1 8BitEvolution I just made a lets play of this part can't wait for part 3.


2014-02-17 10:45

+2 4oz_scoop great sequel loved the storyline heres my LP...http://www .youtube.com/wa tch?v=c7F52w40w kg

2014-02-14 09:53

+2 iceychaney I kinda got mad that it was the end and I may or may not have blown up the tower in my anger...

2014-02-13 00:10

+3 Old Greg Love these maps but they seem short to me... When you make the 3rd one you should make it a little longer

2014-02-09 16:02

+2 da__Ninja_Monkey Wow great map when will 3 come out? can't wait!

2014-02-09 01:46

+3 music what do you do once you get the key from the high security tower

2014-02-08 23:47

+1 DoodleCat13 Quoting U-Crafting:
Alright thanks for the feedback! I will upload an updated version tonight with something besides slimeballs!

Any item will despawn. Try using hoppers + comparators instead.

2014-02-08 17:27

+3 The reasonable This map was awesome! I loved it! Keep up the good work! I do agree, i want the maps to be a little longer. But i do understand if you can't. Thanks!

2014-02-06 02:24

+3 Andrew Any chance you can make a download link without Adf.ly? I can't use it, though I really want to try this.

2014-02-06 00:45

+4 U-Crafting Quoting Annababi929:
So, I went down the ladder in the base camp, got what was inside the chest, and broke the iron door.. Was that what I was suppose to do? I have no idea what to do next :( Please help I loved playing this one so far and I loved the one from before and I do NOT want it to end...

You were supposed to break the stone block on the floor right behind the door! Just go into creative, break the block and continue your journey!!! :D

2014-02-05 23:06


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