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Abandoned Isolation: A Prison Escape

Created by Miscraft

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Map Info

-After a failed prison escape for other prisoners, you are left alone to fend for yourself. The prison is now abandoned.

You are now alone. You must find a collection of keys and hidden routes to escape to freedom.

Look for hidden chests, blocks to mine, key placements, and even search other cells! Look in every nook and cranny to find your way out of this now abandoned prison.

  • The map can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on how long it takes for you to find items.
  • Items are strewn about in the prison in a way where you may need to do some extra thinking to find them.

[Items available to find]

Keys (13)

  • Front Door Key 1
  • Front Door Key 2
  • Front Door Key 3
  • Station Storage
  • Visitation
  • Janitor's Closet
  • Watchtower Storage
  • Kitchen Hatch
  • Courtyard
  • Power Key
  • Dispatch
  • System Operations

Cell Key Tools (4)

  • Grinder (Wooden Hoe)
  • Vent Tool (Shears)
  • Wooden Pickaxe
  • Iron Axe

Other Items

  • Ladders (Quartz Pillar)
  • Ladders (Bone Block)


Map Creator:

  • Miscraft_
  • Map Testers:
  • tamaster
  • Deftroeas
  • Noah8bit_EXE

This is my first ever adventure map. I hope you guys enjoy it! If there are any questions or bugs to report, please leave a comment on the Walkthrough video!


Map Details

Creator: Miscraft
(65 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 2.1 MB
Added: 2019-04-02
Downloads: 8,668
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 MajorMel This was a really great effort for a first map, and the prison escape theme is definitely a solid one to start out with. I gotta say, some of your hiding places (like where the cooled lava and cobble breakers are found) were really genius and took me forever to find (I actually had to resort to somebody else's letsplay to figure out where to look). The only real bug however (aside from the button that could be accidentally placed on any cell, and the wall sconce over the block meant for front key 1), as noted by others in this comment section, was the door breaker axe. Once found you could use it to get through any door, which makes finding the keys obsolete. In fact, I wasn't even sure which door it was initially meant to get through, so I tried to keep it to doors without obvious switch placement blocks but still used it on some in the end. I definitely get what you were going for, but next time try using a different block (like a wood fence of some kind), for doors meant only to be opened with specific tools rather than switches/button s. Overall, great job, can't wait to see how you tweak it!

2019-07-13 03:53

-5 fd45ds5df6 unspeakable played this

2019-04-18 19:05

+3 Red_Phoenix05 I liked the gist of it, but i think you forgot one important thing. The stone axe door breaker? yeah it takes a while but you can literally just break through the whole entire map. No need for the 3 door keys. Nope. just mine straight through the map. Never used the vents and had no reason for all the keys there were. Also you can place your cell key in the wrong place btw.

I hope i dont come off as harsh. Its your fist map and it wont be perfect, but i would suggest playing through your map after you make it. Try to act like the player would. Try to find bugs and exploits and find ways to break things. Then fix the problem and play through it again.

2019-04-12 23:45

+1 Astro I just finished the map and made my gameplay walkthrough right here: https://youtu.be/XGQ6a9P9T_s
I give the map an over all 7.5
Pros: Fun
Great Puzzle
Great creative map!
Cons: Confusing
Not enough Story
Not enough hints

2019-04-11 22:07

+4 Coelhone Can i play this game with another player??

2019-04-10 17:41

+3 InflamedThunder I liked the map as a plot, but not as a game. It's like finding map more than adventure map the map makes you feel literally lonely, which I would understand it because it's an abandoned isolation.

The puzzles seems nice, but the stone axe broke everything passing 75% of map and finished it with out passing through most of the rooms.

In a conclusion I liked the map but it would be better if it was bug free, and I'm looking forward to better maps in the future.

2019-04-10 17:39

-1 molten_cheese10 I placed the button in the wrong place now I'm stuck :(

2019-04-04 16:35

+1 molten_cheese10 I started in creative with a dirt path.

2019-04-04 16:20

+2 EnchantedTiger2 I didn't quite finish it yet (I watched the walkthrough tho) and this is a good and smart map for a first map. First maps aren't meant to be perfect and I can understand that from my first map I made but I just want to say that try to hide the command outputs because it would say to me where i'm getting teleported to and ec so try /gamerule DoCommandBlockO utput false so it can hide the command feedback. Other than that, its great!

2019-04-04 03:51

+5 xTheFapper27 the door breaker broke everything

2019-04-03 18:05


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