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Enigma Island

Created by yiker


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Map info:
If you would like more information about this map, or wish to contact the creator, then please visit the map's official thread on the Minecraft Forum located here: Enigma Island.

Update: This is v4.1, a massively improved take on Enigma Island v3.4

You awaken on the beach of a mysterious Island, the shattered pieces of a boat lie around you, your head aches, and you have no idea of where or who you are. Can you solve the mystery of Enigma Island?

Enigma Island Is a very Myst-like Adventure-Puzzle. It's the second map I've made after "Escape Island" and features a heavy puzzle experience with a revolutionary hint and score system and a massive storyline. All puzzle-fans: Don't miss out on this map!

Important for Multiplayer:
The map was designed for Singleplayer, but it's possible to complete without cheating for 5 or less players. The starting point lies underwater, near the multiplayer spawnpoint, you'll see some light underwater.

1. DON'T break ANYTHING at all
2. DON'T place ANYTHING, except wooden pressure plates.
3. Play on PEACEFUL
4. Place wooden Pressure plates only on marked blocks and don't pick them up again
5. Don't cheat with mods or third party Programs
6. DON'T use anything else than Diamonds to unlock Hints
7. Report any bugs, along with your score and suggestions here


Made for Minecraft 1.2.5

Enigma Island

(31 votes)
Creator: yiker
Version: 4.4
MC Version: 1.2.5
Size: 13.2 MB
Added: 2011-11-06
Downloads: 62,646
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 Kazza3_9 So, I got past the part with the cave and I'm at the E, but where there should be a portal there's nothing. What do I do to ghet back? I even re downloaded a few times in case that was it??

2016-02-25 06:11

0 Number_2 Quoting Hello:
Cats_55: You don't actually have to hack the puzzle to find the password - if you read the last log it mentions a sparkle south of the island, so if you take a boat and sail out you will find the good ending yourself.

so, you mean the Enigma island itself is the paradise island?

2014-11-10 09:27

+5 Hello ==spoiler==
Cats_55: You don't actually have to hack the puzzle to find the password - if you read the last log it mentions a sparkle south of the island, so if you take a boat and sail out you will find the good ending yourself.

2013-08-30 15:01

+2 Marco nice map, but 5 letters written in pure light?? what's the answer then?

2013-08-10 13:30

To get the GOOD ending, open the 'secert epiloge.jar' with Java, and the password is 'goodend'. I had to go into the coding to find that password :P

2013-07-23 02:38

+3 Cats_55 I completely ruined the map trying to solve all the puzzles O.o

2013-07-23 02:18

+3 MapCritic This map was awesome! I have never before played such a good map!

2013-07-20 06:46

0 ZombieSlayer i liked it but i didn't know what to do when you find the other people at the broken ship but over all i loved it but still a bit confused with the ship

2013-07-14 01:53

+5 Nonak The best map EVER... so great. I love this map

2013-06-24 14:16

+2 Justywusty87 I agree with what Bbp said. Broken rail for minecart, and the chess puzzle. It seemed to glitch on me because I tried to do another way. Then no matter what buttons i pressed nothing happened. had to break down the door there. But all the other puzzles were very good. Fun challenging map. Not sure if I won or not, but after that long tunnel after the boat ride you pop up through a hole in the ocean floor, and you stare at the island. Is that the end or was I suppose to go somewhere else? I think the chest gave me a button? couldn't figure out where to use it.

2013-06-20 17:31

+4 ASD yeah 9.5/10 so good

2013-06-15 00:54

+4 SirWalta I liked this but the end was confusing

2013-06-10 21:25

+4 Rachel Um, why does everything blow up? I used the button on the self destruct chamber, but then, what happens? was that right? And if it was, is that the end? I think you should put some signs to tell people what to do.

2013-06-08 19:10

+4 ben I ended up only using 2 diamonds throughout the entire map

2013-06-07 15:18

+3 Akashik13 It was a very challenging map, two rails were broken however and the buttons for the chest match didn't seem to work, so I busted down the door. DR.MC said he couldn't get out of the insanity tunnels, but since I played a map like this, I knew to always use diamonds in the hint boxes in the tunnels, and when you see the hint that says this room is different, that's the right room. I thought it was interesting how compact it was, but I don't think all the loose ends were tied up by the end. I give it a 9/10 because for a long time I thought I had messed up when the mine cart track wasn't lit up, until I switched to creative after finishing and realized that the creator forget to light that powered rail. I would recommend to one player who is a puzzle enthusiast.

2013-06-07 02:53

+7 ML_Craft I ended up using diamonds on all the hints in the letter room under the light house and for the chess game. I couldn't figure out how to do the chess board with the buttons. I figured the whole A-H and 1-8 thing, but I couldn't get the buttons to do anything for me. I actually ended up punching out the door. And I was kinda iffy on the logic in the forest, but that may have just been due to my own weird thinking. All in all I'm very satisfied. 10/10 would recommend to friends.

2013-04-13 05:10

+4 DR.MC The map has been really good so far. But i don't know if it's lag, but in the insanity tunnel...there seems to be no way out, once you get into the lava and bedrock tunnel. Please help.

2013-04-06 12:53

+5 rustyminer28 Although extremely enjoyable, this map was really difficult. in the end, I had to cheat. I'm still pretty confused. What happens after Paradise Island is destroyed ? Who destroyed it ? What happened to Ethan ? Who are you ? I think that you should answer these questions and make it easier. Can anyone answer these questions ? If you can, please reply.

2013-03-21 00:49

+9 Bbp Btw, the rail after the submarine is broken (2 rail are not lit in the last turn) and I found a quicker way to do the ckeckmate:
White bishop: H6 - E3
Black pawn: E7 - E6 (there is nothing else he can do)
White rock: D8 - D4 - Checkmate
=> Rock (D4) put him in check, rock (D4) protected by bishop (E3), bishop (E3) protected by king (F2), his own pawn (E5) block the king from moving up and the other positions are in check.

2013-01-03 19:22

+11 awesome5 amazing yet challenging map over all i loved it

2012-11-08 03:10

+4 Weirdo09 Nice map :D

2012-10-31 00:32

+2 anon 10/10, GOD, 10/10!

2012-09-03 19:03


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