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Future City  

(15174 votes)

A city with many buildings in a futuristic style. Now updated to v4.4!

Creator: Zeemo
Map Version: 4.4
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
File Size: 81 MB
Comments: 392
Downloads: 409,403

Audia City  updatepic

(2069 votes)

Audia city is one of the biggest, most modern urban places in MC. The city has beaches, harbors, an airport, and hundreds of houses and buildings.

Creator: TheTekkitRealm
Map Version: 2.6
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
File Size: 285 MB
Comments: 72
Downloads: 11,516

World of Worlds  

(11594 votes)

Just one map with buildings from 85 cities all around the world... Now updated to v3.0!

Creator: Zeemo
Map Version: 3.0
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
File Size: 53 MB
Comments: 467
Downloads: 323,917

City of Rome: Tivoli Edition  

(576 votes)

Not far away from the eternal city are some other cities located like the town of Tivoli. This small town is surrounded by waterfalls and parks. Underneath this town lies a complete tunnelsystem with ancient chambers. This town is ready to be explored!

Creator: Giovanni32
Map Version: 1.5
Minecraft Version: 1.11
File Size: 67 MB
Comments: 27
Downloads: 58,935


(783 votes)

Explore the city of Lakandahar, an ancient settlement situated in today's Syria and part of Mesopotamia, during 293 AD. You can visit a lot of monuments, such as temples, ruins, and more.

Creator: Phoenic
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.9
File Size: 21 MB
Comments: 20
Downloads: 16,141

Port Vance  

(3286 votes)

This is a remastered version of my first city map. Port Vance is located along the coast with a port, an airport, suburbs and more! All buildings are furnished!

Creator: Eivisxp
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.11.2
File Size: 91 MB
Comments: 63
Downloads: 45,263

New Port City  

(2886 votes)

A basic city to use by others in their server, map etc. Contains all basic city elements. 

Creator: Epicsawrunner
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
File Size: 72 MB
Comments: 34
Downloads: 43,896

Valcour City  

(1933 votes)

Valcour City is a simple city defaulted in survival mode. It spans through a savanna and plains with a bell tower at its center.

Creator: Russicat
Map Version: 6.0
Minecraft Version: 1.11
File Size: 85 MB
Comments: 28
Downloads: 33,013

City of Newisle  

(3245 votes)

A solo-built modern urban city with several satellite towns and settlements. 

Creator: Blip Noir
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
File Size: 164 MB
Comments: 49
Downloads: 57,773

U.I.E. City  

(10526 votes)

Welcome to U.I.E. City, a place of amazement and wonder.

Creator: Nohman12354
Map Version: 1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
File Size: 95 MB
Comments: 79
Downloads: 136,888
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