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The Parkour Gauntlet v1.02016-02-06
Tower Jump v2.02016-02-06
255 Tower Parkour v1.02016-02-06
Stay High v1.12016-02-03
3 Minutes v1.02016-02-03

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The Parkour Gauntlet newpic

(4 votes)

This awesome map features many unique types of parkour! Test your skills in this fun-filled challenge! This map is not too difficult for beginners, while still being a fun challenge for the pros!

Author: kwirky
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Size: 1.3 MB
Comments: 1
Downloads: 137

Tower Jump newpic

(5 votes)

Do you want to stay at a penthouse... FOR FREE!? Then you'll have to parkour your way to the top.

Author: DonutLover69
Map Version: 2.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8
Size: 756 KB
Comments: 0
Downloads: 70

255 Tower Parkour newpic

(4 votes)

Race your opponent to the top of a 255 block high tower in this two player parkour map.

Author: Brand65
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Size: 5.1 MB
Comments: 0
Downloads: 59

Stay High newpic updatepic

(80 votes)

A 10 level parkour map that brings easy to hard levels!

Author: Blockhead7360
Map Version: 1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Size: 1.05 MB
Comments: 4
Downloads: 1,558

3 Minutes newpic

(54 votes)

"3 Minutes" is one of the hardest Speed Run maps ever, you have only 3 minutes to graduate the full parkour!

Author: bruehl
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8
Size: 1.1 MB
Comments: 4
Downloads: 969

Parkour Dreams newpic

(49 votes)

A fun, 7 stage themed parkour map for the whole family!

Author: The Spyrexian
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Size: 368.52 KB
Comments: 2
Downloads: 1,304

UHC Parkour 2

(93 votes)

Welcome to UHC Parkour v.2! The sequel to UHC Parkour. This is a medium difficulty parkour map, but with a twist... No natural regeneration! This map is dedicated to the Pack! Enjoy!

Author: NinjaSquirrel_97
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Size: 1.07 MB
Comments: 5
Downloads: 1,895

Insert the Cube updatepic

(70 votes)

Insert the Cube is a singleplayer parkour map with lots of fun! The goal of the map is to insert the cube into a quartz hole.

Author: iWacky
Map Version: 1.5
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Size: 1.95 MB
Comments: 4
Downloads: 2,021

Parkour War updatepic

(139 votes)

Parkour your way through all 7 continents, and defeat the enemies on a 1 on 1 battle with parkour!

Author: BlueCreeper111
Map Version: 1.1
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Size: 580 KB
Comments: 11
Downloads: 2,921

El Boost

(157 votes)

Did you know that you can jump a 23 block chasm with 3 pieces of TNT? This map features 12 different mind-blowing jumps that just a few pieces of TNT can help you complete.  

Author: Kris Madas
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Size: 922.59 KB
Comments: 10
Downloads: 3,357
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