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Welcome to Sprint or Fall, this is a sprint parkour mini-game with 10 different levels! The map is intended to be played by one player.

The goal of the map is simple, Sprint or Fall! It was built in 1.4.7, but it will work in any recent version of minecraft.

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below! Also, please tell me when you record this on youtube!

-Play on Peaceful difficulty.
-Do not break any blocks.
-Play on Survival gamemode.


Check out my other maps and trailer on my Youtube Channel!

Made by dragonic212

Have Fun!

This map was made in Minecraft 1.6.4, it's important to play on the same Minecraft client version. Learn how to change your minecraft version in our guide.

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Author: dragonic212
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.6.4
Size: 504 KB
Date Added: 2013-07-05
Downloads: 81474


-5 #14 ME 2014-06-08 12:00
This was the worst map I have ever played. You should make it so the you can get back up. Like a pressure plate on a command block that teleports you back to the start of the level. Because once you get back up the map doesn't reset it makes the map crap. You should figure out how to make it reset using world edit mod or mc edit. Like when you fall you land on a pressure plate that says /undo or something. Until all of this is done. Worst map in the universe!
-4 #13 Jaspertje1 2014-04-18 14:56
Sorry to say this, but this is a horrible map. The reasons are: It's one time playable, before you need to reinstall the map folder If you fail, you need to restart the entire game. It's impossible to get up again without the /gamemode command. Also, the grammar on the signs isn't helping at all. Personally, I think this concept failed.
+16 #12 ccm963 2013-12-30 04:43
I hated the map because even though it said that if you fall you are out, I wish there was a way back up. You would have to download the map all over again if you wanted to try again. Overall on a scale of 1-10 I rate this map a
+12 #11 Christopher 2013-12-07 02:05
I agree with Dragonspitter, when I fall off I try to get back on, but when I try to run a gain, I keep falling again, you're gonna need to improve this.
-14 #10 AdamHuw 2013-10-12 14:29
This map is actually really good, you all seem to think that it is like his other maps when you can get back up and carry on? If you read the signs at the start, it says you die, so you're not meant so carry on? I loved it! Thanks for another awesome map!
Nana Banana
+18 #9 Nana Banana 2013-09-25 21:44
Bad map! every time i die, i cant get back up! i just falll back down!
+24 #8 mjdk99 2013-09-07 23:12
this would of been a good map if u could restart after falling
+14 #7 g 2013-08-27 19:27
when i fall nothing happens i stay in the water and thats it i cant restart it
+11 #6 ValiantMC 2013-08-25 10:26
In the description it asks if you have made a video, and if so to tell them. So, here it is guys! Hope you enjoy and excuse me not 100% sticking to the rules :D
-22 #5 Dragonspitter 2013-08-04 22:34
This map is terrible. Whenever I go back up I try to sprint again and I just fall down again. It needs improvement.
+9 #4 MrZullMin 2013-07-31 04:25
awesome map... I died about 20 times well that sucks though but awesome map keep it up!!!!
+10 #3 Steve_Hunter 2013-07-09 12:18
Awesome Map.. Keep it up Dude!
+13 #2 GeorgiaM 2013-07-08 20:07
good map well done :D
+9 #1 ProSkullz 2013-07-07 02:10
Great map keep going !

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