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Return of: Longest Parkour in Minecraft

Created by Rasmus Fröderberg


Map Info

The return of: The longest parkour in Minecraft. The ultimate challenge for everyone who loves parkour.

This is a gigantic, vanilla styled parkour-adventure map.

No advanced redstone and no advanced command-blocking. Just pure parkour and pure RAGE.

This map takes hours upon hours, probably days, to complete. Most of those who try won't even make it to the end of the map.

And there's a good reason: the map feels almost never ending, and it wont get easier as you proceed.

The return of: The longest parkour in Minecraft contains:

  • 500 different and unique stages to conquer. Both short and longer.
  • Over 5000 totals jumps. (Probably even more.)
  • New areas to explore.
  • A brand new storyline.
  • Brand new and unique parkour challenges.
  • Even more RAGE!

Important! If you are running the map on a private server, remember to enable command blocks in server properties!

Go ahead and try the map for yourself and see how far YOU can get!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think! :)

Will PrestonPlayz or PrestonFailz?


Made for Minecraft 1.12.2

Return of: Longest Parkour in Minecraft

(181 votes)
Creator: Rasmus Fröderberg
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 8.1 MB
Added: 2017-11-19
Downloads: 4,329
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 Pig Head I am stuck on stage 334, nether one. can't find the rest of the lanterns
I am worried i will get lost

2018-06-09 01:18

+3 tuan102938 this is harder to part 1

2018-02-22 06:11

+3 kill me i will take 5 days to finish it :p

2017-11-22 21:33

+4 sonic the youtuber finnaly part 2 of it going to win it hahahaha

2017-11-22 11:38

+2 Mebyme Preston will love this

2017-11-21 11:35

+6 Andrew Map took 2 hours, awesome map and I loved it, I only hated Prismarine Depths and I overall loved it, I wonder what the threequel will be, Thank You!

2017-11-21 04:28

+9 zach LONGEST ONE!

2017-11-21 03:27

+3 LonelyIssy YAAAYYY!!! I

2017-11-20 04:49


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