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Created by Mutant Marine

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One dark, stormy night, your ship becomes attacked by pirates. You are a pirate yourself but all of them take whatever booty they can! Before the ship explodes, you abandon ship and swim toward light in the distance. It's an island. After washing up on shore, you soon find out it's not just an island. There be death everywhere. Undead occupy the island, infecting everyone with their bite.

Your goal is to survive by finding food and weapons, barter for as much gold as ye can, discover the island's long lost treasure, and kill the man who spread the disease which now consumes everything on the island. Explore the Island as much as you want. There's loot in every chest, quests around every corner, and secrets in every cave!

This is the biggest Adventure Map ever created with the most quests, secrets, and detail put into everything!

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  • 1.0: Original Release
  • 1.1: Fixed some quest books not showing full sentences. Changed gamemode to be played on Survival instead of Adventure.
  • 1.2: Removed blindness potion in the beginning of the Adventure Map due to players not being able to see anything. Made some other minor changes.


Made for Minecraft 1.9.4


Creator: Mutant Marine
Map Category: Adventure Maps
Map Version: 1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.9.4
File Size: 15.83 MB
Date Added: 2016-09-10
Downloads: 22,249


+2 awesomely2002 The map has signs that make me cringe (I Can't Stand People That Type Like This). Also, the chests in the nether/end are all empty.

2017-04-13 23:15

-1 xoLittlePrincess I'm a little stuck, i really can't find the tower of the friend of albert in the beginning, can anyone tell me where it is?

2017-03-11 09:42

+1 Mudsap Hi@all

Just finished the map and again i'm impressed. i'll give it a 5 - .
The min because its so filled it still needs better wayleading. Like minminkreft
Quoting minminkreft:
i cant find blackway city ...

i had probs to find the right way, made part 9 of the mainquest before part 7 and 8, just because there was a way to and many other mistakes.
And you should warn player whis a note before entering special places like that 10 life minigame, can't be restarted nor stopped so had to reinstall map.
There is a other reason for that " - ", some parts on the map are not finished or funktional, i dont talk about the end or nether parts, i know both are some kind of easteregg as i have read in the comments.

But in total, jep it's still a 5 of 5 for me :) great work.

cya Mudsap

2016-12-21 18:40

-3 MC-Map-Downloader The pictures look like it has shaders or a texture pack.
Does it have either?

2016-11-26 08:01

+6 marcusyu Hey, this is a good map. Very engaging and the architecture is just great! However, after doing the 10th Dead Man's Treasure, I found a treasure chamber and wasn't sure whether that was the end of the story or not. Thanks, and good job.

2016-11-14 05:21

+7 minminkreft i cant find blackway city in this game... me and my friends have been running around in circles trying to find it but we cant. Sad to see such a beautifully built map turning into such a complicated maze. It would be nice if the direction for this game is better....

2016-10-21 10:11

+7 Emily There are 0 monsters in my game. Know why this may be? I turned off mob spawning like the instructions said, should I turn it back on?

thanks xx

2016-10-11 15:21

-4 Jack Okay I can't find the tower that Albert tells you to go to check on his friend.

2016-10-09 02:33

0 eboss34 another question now. How do you find the key when your in the room with invisibel ghasts

2016-10-06 22:14

-1 eboss34 Are the villagers supposed to move around like the little girl running back to her mom? Because mine didnt, also how do you find the next clue after you kill Saint Viscious? please help!

2016-10-05 22:55

0 The Best Pls help im stuck at dead mans treasure clue number 8, I cant find it anywhere!

2016-10-05 16:23

0 SpongeVN The map is great, but i am trapped in the maze and i have no idea to get out of it.

2016-10-03 11:17

-1 484848 I'm stuck on the part where you go to the island with the invis cloak, i have the potion and i went through the cave and explored the island but i can't get in the castle. i managed to get through the cave to the bottom part of the castle (i think?) where theres a few rooms.. but i can't find who im supposed to kill

2016-10-02 19:35

-1 em Kept lagging me out and into the fire and killing me - giving me that glitch where it moves you around without you doing anything, tried so many times , possibly my pc but never had a problem with other minecraft worlds

2016-09-29 21:50

+1 Mutant Marine Quoting Hobie391:
The dead man's final treasure is a cool room, but is there an actual physical reward somewhere?

No I wasn't sure what to give the player after putting tons of diamond armor and weapons all throughout the map :/

2016-09-29 20:42

-2 Hobie391 The dead man's final treasure is a cool room, but is there an actual physical reward somewhere?

2016-09-29 13:41

-1 Mutant Marine Quoting alexisfun2211:
I tried to get out of the ship and swim in the water but when the sign says swim up, all i see are blocks on fire? i reaally want to get past that. : /

I can't really help you other than to follow that sign. Go into creative mode and get a potion of night vision to see better.

2016-09-25 21:44

-1 Mutant Marine Quoting minecrafter121312312:
Can u play this with more than one person


2016-09-25 21:42

+3 minecrafter121312312 Can u play this with more than one person

2016-09-24 20:39

-1 alexisfun2211 I tried to get out of the ship and swim in the water but when the sign says swim up, all i see are blocks on fire? i reaally want to get past that. : /

2016-09-24 13:38


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