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Created by Swaggiwnl

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This is a zombie apocalypse themed map.

Made by Swaggiwnl, _NUTCH_, xX_ReadArmy_Xx & LordHipb.


First Day in Lab: Dr Dream Star to create vaccine that can treat HIV.

Second Day in Lab: Dr Lordhipb, partner of Dr Dream, came to help create the vaccine.

15/4/2002: After 48 days, they succeed in finding a vaccine. They call it "OMEGA-T Vaccine".

16/4/2002: 2 prisoners from prison whom had HIV. We will call them by code name, first prisoner is named RedArmy, second prisoner named NUTCH.

17/4/2002: 16:00 am - 2 prisoners get the vaccine. The effect is slow. All scientists wait. After 45 minutes, the heart rate of the 2 prisoners stops. Guard starts to check that they are alive. Prisoners start to move, but their heart rate is 0. 

Prisoners wake up and bite the guard. Guard shoots 2 prisoners. Medic treats guard, while doctor researches the vaccine. The scientist finds out that it is a not a vaccine, but a virus. The guard that got bitten has been infected by saliva from the prisoner. 

The guard turned into zombie and zombie walked to the doctor. The doctor dreamed he accidentally broke a test tube containing the OMEGA-T virus. Everyone in the lab gets infected, the virus then spreads outside of the lab.

20/4/2002: The virus has spread to a place called Cat Town.

Population in Cat Town is now at 43,000.


Map Details

Creator: Swaggiwnl
(15 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 3.44 MB
Added: 2019-04-12
Downloads: 749
Category: Adventure Maps


0 patz100 super bad map doenst even work how did it get on this website

2019-04-13 06:53


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