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Emerald Chambers

Created by Dieuwt external

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Three normal residents of deep underground hidden civilizations... chased away, all at once, by unknown darkness. All took the one-way route out of the pit of despair, with no way to return... until, 6 months after the discovery of Ruby Caverns, another dungeon was found.

The news from the first Dungeon spread quickly after the three heroes left the caves, unharmed. Everyone knew the God was freed... but where did he go? Where were the other two? No sign of progress was made, until a miner stumbled upon an entrance to an underground garden, fell in, and died... but somehow ended back up.

The second Dungeon was found, at last. But, nobody dared to get in. The Medal, granting one wish, would be down there, and after some investigation with the Magic that had been restored, portals leading to places all over the globe were deep down in there too. But why would anyone dare its life to get to that? Well, anyone but the three fled residents... they had no choice.

They gathered at the entrance, hidden from the rest of the world. They needed to go in, reach the portals, and defeat their past... but this dungeon wasn't the same as the other one.

The Game

Emerald Chambers is unlike every map you've ever seen. Every map claiming to be a roguelike isn't: this is. A ruthless dungeon crawler, with death around every corner. Countless item combinations, strategies, and generations. And because of the turn-based and information-rich aspects, there is nobody to blame except yourself.

The second installment in my dungeon series, this map makes you forget everything about all dungeons in the game, ever. As the world's first True Minecraft Roguelike, it has all the content you'd expect: monsters, floors and bosses to beat; casts, potions and scrolls to identify; tools, abilities and resources to master. There are many ways to play, and rushing through carelessly is only one! But don't lose yourself in the options: the monsters are strong and the bosses are smart.

Good Luck.

The Changes

  • Turn-based gameplay! Infinite time to overthink all your decisions, but the options are much harder.
  • Randomized items! Also, random color codes!
  • Permadeath has been extended: no more bonuses can be earned by simply playing a lot!
  • More enemies, bosses, floors, items... yeah, just more everything.
  • More things to interact with like statues, wells, cutters...
  • Much more info! You can now check health, levels, enemies, status and all that, any time you want!
  • Expanded lore, both about the universe and the dungeon.
  • Again, a secret ending! Do everything to find it...

The Notes

  • No more multiplayer! It is still supported, but only one player can be playing.
  • The map is fairly heavy! Because of the turn-based nature it's still playable, but good computers or servers will have a better time.
  • You don't have to have completed or even played Ruby Caverns. The story continues, but the characters and settings are different.
  • There is no linear progression! Don't expect anything to change; in fact, you can re-install the map and it wouldn't matter.
  • Models are used, which may cause OptiFine and other mods to misbehave. Recommended is to turn all mods off.
  • 1.14 only! Past and future versions will not work!
  • The map is still being, uh, "tested", so any bugs may exist. Please notify them!


1.0.1: Fixed the spawn because Minecraft hates me when I refuse to use its useless engine.


Map Details

Creator: Dieuwt external
(44 votes)
Version: 1.01
MC Version: 1.14
Size: 2.9 MB
Added: 2019-05-10
Downloads: 3,898
Category: Adventure Maps

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0 SkyrielMC This map was awesome! I actually don't play many dungeon games, but this one is fun and so cool. I probably will be playing this map a lot!

2019-05-20 00:30

0 Pretzel The concept is cool, but ist very laggy. I like the game, its just laggy for me.

2019-05-18 08:53

0 cooly1234 Quoting Pace:
Hi! I tried to play your map, but sadly it won't work correctly. The game start in creative mode, puts you directly on top of blocker blocks and when I finally got to the bottom (the starting room) nothing worked (could get to activate any of the settings, blocked away). Anyhow, I hope it helps, I hope you'll be able to check it out and I can't wait to try it later! Thx

sounds like you need to make a tutorial on how to start your game! Pace, the game has an unusual system for selecting. but If you spent at least 30 seconds wandering around don top of the invisible blocks u will find that you can right click on the characters to control them. then tell them to go down the stairs.

2019-05-15 23:12

0 cooly1234 sooooo... I went in all the rooms in the tutorial. Now what? How do I exit the tutorial and start the game???

2019-05-15 22:01

0 cooly1234 Just when I thought the ruby caverns were the best "mini-game"! I actually am about to play this but it looks good! If its anything like its prequel it will be AMAZING!!!!!!!! !!!

2019-05-15 21:39

0 danix23tbg i love this game it is amazing! i love the genre and controls and style i really like that you play as a mob! it is just the best minecraft 1.14 - 1.14.1 map so far! it is my most favorite map in all of minecraft!

2019-05-15 20:33

+4 Not Henzoid The best map

2019-05-13 19:03

+3 hao cool game

2019-05-13 05:43

+5 tist584 best map ever!!!!

2019-05-12 14:19

+3 insanemeap Got through my first game then the tutorial (interesting development decision. Hmm) and I've had a blast so far! Seeing so much to learn quickly is overwhelming at first, but it feels like I'll get it down pretty quickly. Great map, always worth a play.

2019-05-11 20:00

+5 Dieuwt Oh damn, sorry everyone. Apparently Minecraft messes something up somewhere? Please do this to make it work:
/team join Green @s
/tp @s 39 13 -9
Then you can play normally. I don't know what causes this, but deleting the playerdata should also work.

2019-05-11 13:12

+4 hi how to start it?

2019-05-11 12:28

+4 Ender_Dragony I keep sliding all the way, i can't stay still. Hopefully, this is just a bug. Otherwise, this map is unplayable

2019-05-11 12:09

+3 EthanYce I keep moving everywhere. I don't even touch the WASD and I keep going everywhere. I get lost, even! Please fix. Good game though, I like it.

2019-05-11 11:59

+3 panda_king This map is broken! I load it and I start moving without control on my player! And I was been in creative mode! And I could not do anything!

2019-05-11 08:57

+4 granny this map have a problem if i'm not moving it moves automatic

2019-05-11 07:23

+2 Slendermancraft wow, this is the coolest thing i never seen b4

2019-05-11 01:53

+3 Weo I keep uncontrollably moving around the map after tapping any movement key once. There's no way that I can see to stop that. Is this a mechanic that I'm not paying attention to?

2019-05-10 23:51

+3 Pace Hi! I tried to play your map, but sadly it won't work correctly. The game start in creative mode, puts you directly on top of blocker blocks and when I finally got to the bottom (the starting room) nothing worked (could get to activate any of the settings, blocked away). Anyhow, I hope it helps, I hope you'll be able to check it out and I can't wait to try it later! Thx

2019-05-10 23:50


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