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Minecraft Maps for 1.14

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.14 Snapshots (Java Edition).

This is the beta version of Minecraft Java. You'll need to click "enable snapshots" on the launcher to be able to play them.

The first 1.14 snapshot is 18w43a and the latest one is 19w07a. All snapshots between these are for 1.14.

In my first map, "The Odd Mob Out", you have the objective to decide which mob/entity doesn't belong with the others.

Parkour Basics is a map based on a datapack that adds new parkour mechanics in vanilla minecraft ! Use your new Grab and Wallrun abilities to make your way through 8 fully decorated levels with some little secrets hidden.

This is a quite complicated parkour map for 1.14 where you have to travel between the sharp teeth of the depths!

Tired of traditional minecraft boss fight? Try this out! This map requires a lot of skill and reaction, come and challenge yourself!

Parkour your way up a tower where each corner is a different theme. When you reach the top, carefully get back down without taking any damage to claim victory!

Can you guess what you are by asking your friends yes or no questions like "Am I alive"" or "Am I in Minecraft?"