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Minecraft Maps by Dieuwt

*laughs in functions* Yeah, sure, I use commands. I do like to build lots of different types of map though! Here's my twitter and my reddit if you wanna know anything.

You are... somewhere. Probably. And there's... floating... stuff. You remember nothing. And you might never remember anything.

Turnbased. Top-down. Random dungeons. No stress, all deaths. Ruby Caverns was a victory... will this be, too?

Welcome to Ruby Caverns! Here you'll find monsters, traps, bosses, spells, wands, and lots of pain. Try to enjoy your stay; otherwise, exit is right over there.

I need beta testers for my map! Oh wait, I already got one. Nothing to see here, go somewhere else.

This map is for 0 players, or less. If you can't get that group together, I must ask you to leave.

Become invisible and steal, murder and betray your enemies to get gold and diamonds! Just don't get caught.

Mine, but in two dimensions. Yes, it's inspired by another map but this is so much different...

So you have to rescue a cat, with a crazy wizard? Or something like that? That sounds... interesting...

Travel through eight different Realms to destroy the Ultra Golem! Solve puzzles, fight enemies and learn new moves while completing quests everywhere!

Yes, yes, this map is BASED on a word pun. Please don't judge me, this is a really cool map.

Don't Let 'Em Out!

Not pressing the button has never been harder before...

You work in a museum. And there is a button. And you shouldn't press it. Boring? Well, there is magic in the game...

Note: map does not affect real life.

This is not a sequel. It is also not an update. It's an expansion!

How did you get in? How do you get out? All good questions.

What could possibly go wrong?

Crash castles! Solve simple stuff! Try taking the things! Castle crasher!

Are you an artist of the theft? Are you up for the test to steal 5 paintings?

I got bored. And I lied about the trilogy part. MIBI Special Edition Time!