Amidst the Clouds

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Map Info:
This is an adventure RPG minecraft map. It's fairly large, with 5 biome skylands. There is a main quest and several minor quests.

It can be played with 1-5 players. You can do more, but people wouldn’t get the equipment needed to survive in the last area.

It's fully playable in adventure mode, driven by villager quests and exploration.

No mods required.

Note that the map starts a little slow. The first two quests are designed to get you familiar with the town and exploration. After that, it gets real and you start the real RPG.


-5 floating biomes, each one with armored mobs that are progressively more difficult than the last.
-Villager trading to upgrade your items
-5 dungeons, 4 of which have a boss battle at the end many landmarks in each biome, complete with a geared mob spawner and a chest with money
-A main quests and minor quests given by villagers
-The story isn't actually that great, but hopefully the gameplay is good enough to distract from that.

Slay monsters and return their drops to the city to trade for money. Use the money to upgrade your gear and buy enchantments. Money can also be obtained in small landmarks throughout the biomes and as a reward for side quests. Move forward in the main quest by completing the mage's tasks and braving dangerous dungeons. The fate of the skylands is in your hands. Oh, and there are loads of classic and modern video game references in this.

This map was made in Minecraft 1.6.4, it's important to play on the same Minecraft client version. Learn how to change your minecraft version in our guide.

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Author: mxcop13
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.6.4
Size: 40 MB
Downloads: 79286


the noob
-1 #71 the noob 2014-07-13 13:17
Quoting DJ_Lubey:
Where is the compass?

the compass is on top of the tallest tree in the hollow woods :)
-3 #70 APPLE_JACKZ 2014-07-02 02:21
It took a long time to find the forest shrine, and when I stepped on the pressure plate, the game crashed, and I am unable to open the save anymore in minecraft...

Also, are you not supposed to be able to get to the town market at the start of the game? Cause melons block my way.
Minecraft Map Reveiw
-1 #69 Minecraft Map Reveiw 2014-06-01 21:39
This is one of the best adventure map I have seen. I am impressed at the amazing floating island structures. The mc-edit work is amazing. Overall this map is really well done I rate it
-2 #68 wwww 2014-05-26 06:00
this map is great and im showing how great it is in my dumb channel
-1 #67 deltaforte 2014-05-24 23:10
i can't find the compass! help please?
-3 #66 Daxter_Flamehand 2014-05-21 23:37
Well... not exactly the ending I expected XD

Good job though. Pretty good story, especially.
0 #65 Ellzie 2014-05-20 05:56
I quite like the town so far and the various NPCs (I've been looking for pretty much exactly this. I'm excited to play!) But, am I supposed to be in Creative mode? I've broken a few things accidentally and have broken down the big watermelon things that were blocking the road with ease... not sure if that is intentional or not! Thanks in advance for an answer! :D
-2 #64 CoolDude9498 2014-05-12 20:48
i found 2 video game references both from skyrim No.1 lokking to protect yourself or deal some damage and let me guess someone stole your sweetroll and yes they did
-4 #63 CoolDude9498 2014-05-12 20:45
Quoting Diamond22:
How do I get to darkrift? The bridge is impossible to cross.

jump from the island to the side of the bridge or just cheat
0 #62 NewPendragon1998 2014-05-08 22:56
That was amazing! PLEASE make more maps! :D
+5 #61 gilezboy 2014-04-20 07:21
Nice map bro... I had a lot of fun playing it and can't wait for more of your maps!! :)
-7 #60 mpuckett 2014-04-05 00:06
Man I could not find any checkpoints so when i died in the maze i blew up the whole ship in the beginning checkpoint.
+1 #59 Someguy 2014-03-13 02:42
For some reason, when I go into the forest shrine, my game crashes. It doesn't lag then crash. It just straight up crashes. When I try to re-enter the world, it crashed the game again! Can you please try to fix this bug? I really want to play it.
+6 #58 Anonymous 2014-02-27 04:14
To all you guys having issues with the forest shrine teleport, use Minecraft v1.6.4, it fixed the problem for me.
+1 #57 Yurasaii 2014-02-14 18:57
My monster trader didn't get spawned in. and I have a good amount of spider eyes to trade D: Is there a way to fix this?

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