Featured: Chunk Defense - Build up your base and defend against 100 waves of monsters!

Minecraft Maps for 1.14

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.14 (Java Edition).

Note: Some maps listed here were made for 1.14 Beta Snapshots and may not work with release version of 1.14.

A small scale version of what I believe the Twenty One Pilots Bandito Camp to look like.

It's 7 years now since Wedsington has been abandoned after a tornado hit this place. Now you are really exited to explore this cool city! Haha, what mutants?..

Live inside of a large bedrock cage as you build up your base and defend against 100 waves of monsters.

Find Switches, find buttons, find a way out.

A Minecraft themepark with 13 rollercoasters and 9 different themed area's to explore!

Complete 16 colorful levels of puzzle, parkour and more!! All in a giant rainbow tower!!

A short map which bends space and mind!

SkyBlock but enhanced and with so much things to do, a lot of islands, dungeons with bosses, new things, block generators, new mobs, ultimate and maybe OP weapons and armors. You can do whatever you want but i have added challenges book for you will maybe run out of ideas :D

Its Pride Month! I singly built this speed run/parkour map in honor of my fellow LGBTQ+ members, I generally hope you do enjoy!

Escape the mansion by looking for hidden keys, from the mysterious kidnapper.

34 Towers, with difficulty from easy to hardcore... I'm challenging you to Complete em' all!

You must prepare the planet for colonization!

Parkour across cars moving on the highway!

This is a Find the Button Map. It contains 12 levels containing 12 different Youtubers. The levels get harder but everything is possible. This is my first ever map, have fun.

Yet Another Find The Button! 25 Levels, 9 Worlds, Get Points, Hint and Surrender! You can play this map in Singleplayer or Multiplayer!

Explosively Droppers is a map full of droppers made of TNT & Fire!

It's another "What Doesn't Belong" map. Test your Minecraft knowledge in these thirty levels and seven bonus levels. If you wish to play, reading the long description is recommended.

Solve your way to victory by teleporting an armor stand around ten custom designed levels!

Your name: Jonas Rivera, 19. You wake up in a huge abandoned facility. You do not remember last night, and your only thoughts are: Get out.

A prehistoric survival island map!