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Minecraft Maps for 1.14

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.14 (Java Edition).

Note: Some maps listed here were made for 1.14 Beta Snapshots and may not work with release version of 1.14.

Back Again to face another 3x3 crafting puzzle!

A puzzle map which hurts your brain and plays with you however it wants.

Welcome! Can you reach the top of the Lotus Tower?

The clock strikes midnight, and all is quiet throughout your house. You will have to find out what is happening and where everyone went...

How well do you know Minecraft's changelog? Test yourself in this trivia map about the game's version history!

Multiverse is an parkour / adventure map. You need to beat different stages and prove your skill, with a beautiful map design. Look for hidden chests to collect equipment for a exciting end-fight !

Turnbased. Top-down. Random dungeons. No stress, all deaths. Ruby Caverns was a victory... will this be, too?

Hello and this is my map of find the button, the map has 12 levels and each level has a difficulty.

Craft your way to Victory!

The Hypercube is a 20-minute puzzle parkour map in which you traverse a world that exists in 4 dimensions of space.

Where is it? is a finding map where, in this case, you must collect a diamond block. Be careful, there are some traps ;) If you die you should reset the map so try to do some backups.

Experience GeoGuessr in Minecraft with Trevor's "Which Doesn't Belong" concept twist to test your knowledge about the countries around the world. Made for CaptainSparklez in hopes he will decide to play, thus possessing references to him throughout the said map.

Another Which Doesn't Belong map inspired by Trevor's map: Which Doesn't Belong. This map is made in the new Minecraft 1.14 version and contains 21 levels using the new blocks.

Jump in all kinds of different styles and ways in this challenging but fun parkour map! This map is different from others because it has 1.14 elements in it! Use the new crawl feature and the new scaffold block to parkour around.

Innovative! Collect all wool! Enjoy! Download now!

Survival Minecraft was it's most fun for me when it was new. When there were unknown locations to discover - and the rules of the game weren't fully understood. Xiphias was made to give that feeling of discovery back, with a mix of CTM (Complete the Monument) elements to give you a set of goals to achieve.

Experience 20 new levels based on the iconic "Which Doesn't Belong" by Trevor! Make your way though exciting stages that will test your knowledge of Minecraft trivia!

A simple yet difficult matching game. You have to match two blocks based on their similarities. Good luck, Have fun (Made for Captainsparklez)

Get ready to dance! Dance Floor is a party minigame map worked on together by Cavinator1 and CemreK, where you can play 11 different minigames and go dance with your friends or by yourself!

In my first map, "The Odd Mob Out", you have the objective to decide which mob/entity doesn't belong with the others.