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The Last Hope: Curse of Gennadi

Created by SpielmitStil external

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  • This map was made for Minecraft version 1.12.2! Do NOT open this map in a newer version like 1.13 etc.! The map would not work then!
  • This map is singleplayer only
  • The resourcepack needed for this map is already included in the save file
  • You MUST play “The Last Hope: The Lightbringer” first in order to understand the mechanics of this map! Otherwise you won’t be able to solve the puzzles in this map! You can download it here


This map is the ultimate finale of SpielmitStil‘s Map.exe-puzzle map series. Solve more than 50 new puzzles, explore a tremendous new world and unravel the truth of the mysterious storyline in this massive DLC to “The Last Hope: The Lightbringer”. Other features of this map are:

  • A new, custom composed soundtrack which can be bought here
  • 2 Bossfights and 2 different story endings
  • Numerous innovative new gameplay mechanics, even completely new one’s that were not even in “The Last Hope: The Lightbringer”!
  • Extremely challenging, diverse puzzle levels!
  • Stunning landscape building
  • 125 secret texts hidden in the map that conclude the mysterious story
  • Custom models and textures
  • It takes about 13 hours to get 100% in this map


  • Main Creator (Idea, Mechanic, Story, Music, Leveldesign, Coordination): SpielmitStil (Website)
  • Mechanic: TheRedstoneer
  • Textures/Models: Naddel, Zaliku, Mondanzo
  • Voice Acting: Pumii, EinfachJessie
  • Playtesters: Wolfdale, MrEpicPug, merosario731, Derzo, Kaenganxt, Skorp, Shade, NeinEinser, LifeofChrome

Additional Info

I hope that you enjoy playing the map. If you do, please make sure to share this map! Unfortunately, this will be my last map for a long time at least. Mapmaking is really a nice hobby, but it consumes way too much of my time now. So my goal was to release one last gigantic project before I stop and to finish my map trilogy once and for all. I hope that I can entertain some people with this last project and that players have fun playing it. This would really make me content. In the meanwhile I want to focus on making music. If you enjoyed the soundtrack of this map or if you want to support me for making this map, you can check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SpielmitStil

I also want to thank everybody that was involved in this map for the great support!

Now thank you very much for reading, have fun playing this map!

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2019-03-06 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: SpielmitStil external
(34 votes)
Map Version: v1.8
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 (Java)
File Size: 84 MB
Date Added: 2019-03-06
Downloads: 2,421
Map Category: Puzzle Maps

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