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The Legend of the Blue Tide: Episode 1

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The Legend of the Blue Tide - Episode I: The Myrefall Flats

'Tis a normal day to do the normal routine and life a normal life. Your island, the farm, and the animals are all normal. The dock with the unfinished boat you planned to make when you were young is still unfinished.

All this normality has urged you to do something adventurous and, thus, sail away with no plan nor idea where you will end up.Once you let destiny take the wheel, however, you begin to question and wonder about the world.

Why am I here? Why is the Citadel so important? What mysteries lie within Myrefall? These are just some of the many questions you will have on your journey through this desolate village.

The Legend of the Blue Tide is a series devoted to uncovering these secrets. Throughout the series, the player will travel through different lands, meet different people, and most of all, find out what the Blue Tide is.

Episode I: The Myrefall Flats opens the eyes of the player to the world around him/her and shows him/her that it is not always what meets the eye. There will be moments when there is no clear lead nor hint as to what the next step is — the player will have to think outside of the box to solve the quests with what little guidance he/she is given.

This adventure map is a challenge to the player yet a thrill ride through cave systems, abandoned mines, deadly swamps, and much more.

Additional Info

  • This map is a naturally-generated world which has been updated to the standards of Minecraft 1.12.X.
  • This map is in English; however, there are a few Spanish conversations which have to be translated.
  • Recommended FOV: 100 or less
  • All conversations between the player and a villager start with a Stone Button on top of a Gold Block.
  • It is recommended that the player sleep the beds located throughout Myrefall to set his/her spawn.
  • keepInventory is enabled, so don't worry if you die here and there.
  • The end of this map is when you enter the Citadel. Each of the episodes to come will extend and move forward upon the previous. (The next episode will start in the Citadel where you will end).
  • If you are stumped, please comment on this post and I will help you out. (Some solutions to problems are a little more obscure than others).
  • We highly recommend exploring and visiting every building and villager in Myrefall as what you may find will be essential to completing the map.


(some are repeated within the map).

  • This map is Singleplayer only!
  • You are in Adventure Mode; you cannot break/place anything without specific items.
  • Any food you find on your journey can and should be eaten.
  • You may trade with any Villager that doesn't have Barrier trades.
  • If you find any signs that say "Control Room", leave it/them be.
  • Follow the conversations and carefully read through them.
  • Emeralds are the map's currency. Any you find you should keep.
  • Remember to lock the difficulty on Easy, Normal, or Hard.
  • Remember: You will not be walked through this map — use your logic and intuition to figure out what to do next.
  • If you do a "Let's Play" on this map (highly encouraged) please accommodate/reference the creators: ESand, NikitaFajita.



2018-05-16 - Map Released.

  • Updated map to 1.20.4
  • Changed dialogues to start when you approach the villager
  • Fixed a bug when accidentally placing the wrong items into hoppers (used chests instead)
  • Fixed boat transport sequences
  • Fixed spawn point issues
  • Made parkours easier
  • Many other, minor bug fixes


Map Details

Map Creator: EOSand, NikitaFajita
(341 votes)
Map Version: v1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.20.4
File Size: 46 MB
Date Added: 2018-05-16
Downloads: 14,736
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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