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Parkour Limbo

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By LimboMaps

After seven months of work we proudly present: Parkour Limbo.


Parkour Limbo is a giant parkour map. Note that this map is REALLY DIFFICULT, rage enducing at some points.

It features:

- 100 unique stylized levels
- 20 different themes
- Unique mechanics including a working metro and physics based levels
- Multiplayer
- Automatic checkpoints
- Hidden power-ups
- Light adventure map elements
- Cutscenes
- A ton of easter eggs including a full museum of the map
- Visuals for shader optimized

- Upcoming: A hall of fame for the first 100 to finish the map (upload your run to YouTube and send us the link to submit your run. Our contact mail adress is [email protected]


- Gamemode to play is "Adventure Mode". As this map is quite new and very complex cheats are enabled though - for the case you run into a game breaking bug.
- The /kill command is allowed to use in case you got yourself stuck somehow
- Checkpoints are set automatically, do not set your own.
- The map has been built in the
Minecraft Java version 1.19.2. It might be possible to play on higher versions, we do not recommend it though.

We got a book right in the starting zone. It's worth taking a look in there before you start. It contains all the important informations as well as rules.

If you got any suggestions or want to report any occuring bug please reach out to us via our contact email: [email protected]

We are really looking forward to see your reactions and we hope you'll enjoy your stay in PARKOUR LIMBO



2023-07-03 - Map Released.

Version 2.0:

- Map port to 1.20.4


- Fixing a bug in the tower-time-travel section


- Changes in the spawning area and museum


Version 1.9:
- Fixing one possible gamebreaking exploit
- Rerouting some levels
- Cosmetic changes.

- Difficulty balancing
- Fixing a way to get stuck on level 100
- Adding hints on where to go on a few levels
- Cosmetic changes
- Adding story elements
- Fixing several bugs and exploits

Version 1.4:
- Making the whole map suitable for very low render distances (the map is now playable with any render distance, for the opening cutscene we strongly recommend to not go lower than 9)
- Fixing an issue with the crane in level 47
- Fixing a teleporting issue in level 98
- Difficulty balancing

Version 1.3:
- Fixing possible shortcuts in several levels
- Adding additional boundaries in a few levels
- Difficulty balancing across the map

Version 1.2:
- Fixing a possible shortcut in level 23
- Fixing a possible shortcut in level 26
- Fixing a possible exploit in level 27 leading to level 58
- Fixing a possible shortcut in level 38
- Fixing an unfortunate way to get stuck in level 39
- Difficulty-balancing in level 22 and 25

Map Details

Map Creator: LimboMaps
(140 votes)
Map Version: v2.0
Minecraft Version: 1.20.4
File Size: 38.1 MB
Date Added: 2023-07-03
Downloads: 19,159
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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