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Created by SpielmitStil external

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Map Info

Rewind offers:

  • 9 challenging levels and a secret bonus level
  • 5 hidden secrets
  • new game mechanics
  • a very different artstyle


  • singleplayer only
  • render distance: ~10 chunks
  • enable sound
  • enable particles
  • play in Minecraft 1.12.X

Special Thanks

  • Daniel (Patreon, Tester)
  • Wolfdale (Patreon, Tester)
  • KumpelXD (Tester)
  • Naddel_ (Tester)
  • Everybody that plays this map!

Other Information

This map was a small side project because I wanted to test this new idea for puzzles.

However, there is currently a new gigantic project in progress. My team and I are doing our best to give you, the players an unforgettable experience this time.

Big projects like these take a lot of time to make. If you want to support me for mapmaking or if you want more detailed information about this new map I recommend you to check out my patreon account.

Even if you download this map with the paid link you can support me, but in case the link does not work right you can still use this one to get the map "Rewind".

Other Links

My Website

My Youtube Channel

Okay, enough advertising for now!

I hope you enjoy playing this map and do not forget to leave feedback in the comments section!

Thank you all very much!


Map Details

Creator: SpielmitStil external
(100 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 263 KB
Added: 2017-12-19
Downloads: 2,386
Category: Puzzle Maps

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Ozzycar1 How do you rewind to the block?

2018-01-27 19:32


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