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The Ultimate Block 3

Created by PixelVolt

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Map Info

Finally, I have made the sequel to The Ultimate Block and The Ultimate Block 2!

The Ultimate Block 3 is a Minecraft puzzle map featuring new and fun puzzles.

There is a Resource Pack included in the map folder, it should load automatically.


  • Custom Models.
  • Custom Textures.
  • New & Fun Puzzles.
  • Cutscene.
  • Singleplayer only.


Note: If you record this map on YouTube, please don't forget to put the download link in the description.

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Map Details

Creator: PixelVolt
(119 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10
Size: 4.84 MB
Added: 2016-07-11
Downloads: 12,471
Category: Puzzle Maps


+3 CoolKid193 Umm... I didn't play this map yet
...but why does the image looks like it's in DanTDM's new lab...?
Is it really?

2016-11-10 00:55

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+4 Player of PixelVolt I play all of Utimate Block.Its so FUN
The Custom Ending Is For DanTDM Right

2016-08-18 02:13

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-2 SysGhost The laser puzzle doesn't work. The "laser" just go straight through no matter what angle the mirrors stands at.

2016-07-26 02:13

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+3 28leo11 First one is hard

2016-07-21 08:56

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+12 Mihloxy_ I just played this map, and its awesome, what a end ;)

2016-07-15 20:43

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0 Dreadlow This guy programmed it to specifically give Captain Sparklez that special ending. I'm not sure what it does for other popular Youtubers, but if you play this map, you won't get the same ending. This map is amazing!!!!! Kudos for the development.

2016-07-14 08:26

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+10 B3nds0n Just watched CaptainSparklez Video about this map, really cool ending i must say ;)
His reaction was priceless :D

2016-07-13 23:25

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+1 Anonymous2 The mirror and laser thing is ridiculous... that's not how mirrors work.

2016-07-13 23:16

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+6 PixelVolt | Map Make Every thing in the map tested more than 10 times from different players, if something wrong you actually made something wrong

2016-07-12 23:26

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+5 Izzytrekker I am stuck on the memery level were you need to copy the lamps...(i suck at explaining) Ifs after the invisible parkour level The Command Blocks do not work?

2016-07-12 15:46

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+5 Krakaka Good map, only the food don't have names. (Sorry for bad English)

2016-07-12 15:32

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+4 Braxton This is a cool map!

2016-07-12 02:14

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+2 No_one0 The ultimate block!!!! Yaaay!!! Hope its hard

2016-07-12 01:49

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+3 Anonymous Hey! here is a bit of constructive criticism: 1: most of the textures look really cool, except for the crafting table to make the ultimate block, it would look a lot better if it wasn't blue green and red. 2: The luck level was kind of boring, it would have beed better if there was fireworks when you won or something. 3: At the end I couldn't tell if I had won or not because next to nothing happened.
Other than that, this was a cool map!

2016-07-12 01:14

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