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The Ultimate Block

Created by PixelVolt

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Map Info:
The Ultimate Block is a Minecraft puzzle map featuring new and fun puzzles.

There is a Resource Pack included in the map folder, it should load automatically.


  • Custom Models.
  • Custom Textures.
  • New & Fun Puzzles.
  • Singleplayer only.

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Map Details

Creator: PixelVolt
(55 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.7
Size: 1.6 MB
Added: 2015-08-05
Downloads: 35,519
Category: Puzzle Maps


+2 TitanTron69658 Level 1 is press E to open inventory, then find the button on your head. It got me there! :D

2016-06-05 13:09

+3 DDDZO great map! but i had to cheat several times because there are so many bugs, i have followed the walkthrough to get past the levels but some levels just dont work, thats something you need to improve + a restart button would be great too

2016-05-17 19:19

+3 tom tqw not showing room number and task. not making a bridge either

2016-03-14 00:57

+5 Kameron Hey! Thanks for making this awesome map =) I loved the puzzles and making it feel so unique. I have recorded your map and put it on youtube, here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH19rf-fUl5Rj8p5w046qJG7GRntfWNZe
Check it if you want but I did really enjoy it. Thanks for making it!

2015-11-19 19:41

+3 perasia {[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[walkthrough]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]}
1.in your brains!!!! press E :D
2.north 1 west 1 north 1 west 2 north 3 2 east 2 north 1 west 1 north (read the book)
3.make 3 parkour block
4.(hope you know)
5.tip:sprint when you in air and if you in the edge of the clay, you not die
6.dont look down! or you get nausea
7.get the villager to the end
8.dont go down the hole in the top of the mountain (stone) but go down the 1 that have sign, by seeing down and move to the end point, get the key blah blah blah
9.push the sponge

2015-09-18 06:30

+4 Eveni It was a very nice map. Quite ok in difficulty and not too long to get bored by it. I liked the puzzles and the parkour was ok.

A few things to improve if you're gonna make an update. I would recommend putting a reset button in certain levels because if you misplace a block or lose something you can't get it back unless you cheat.
1st room - reset button for misplacing the one you got
2nd room - ok :)
3rd room - reset button for running out of arrows, or if you accidentally put a block on the pressure plate
4th room - fine :) quite easy
5th room - dropper fine :)
6th room - sometimes you could make a shortcut by jumping on the next blocks immediately, otherwise fine
7th room - ok :) liked the idea very much
8th room - I could jump over the trees and get to the top of the room. Recommend either putting some barrier blocks around the top or making the trees far from the edge. There is a hole in the map where you can fall in and not be able to get out. And if you misplace the pressure plate you cannot remove it so a reset button would be great. :)
9th room - This is an amazing idea. Could be nicer if you made the puzzle a bit more difficult. Also the sponge disappears if you accidentally push it against the glass.

All in all it was cool. :)

PS. If you want to make it a bit longer, make the components for the final recipe again craftable so you can have more rooms. :)

2015-08-30 20:52

-3 PacifistBurrito4 The map is not outstandingly great, but it's okay, I think. The puzzles were original, yes, but not very amusing.
I couldn't figure out how to solve the room with the trees, and i could walk over the walls, so it got me confused. Also, I think parkour doesn't belong in a puzzle map. A third thing, in the room with the bridge, with the bow and lava, I placed a block over the pressure plate, so I had to cheat.
[[[[[[[[[[[[[[___Spoiler off___]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
All in all was it a bit short, and not tested well. I suggest you make it morr fool proof in a next version.

2015-08-23 16:10

-1 DARTHCAL12 i feel like the dropper is impossible. i can't get past it

2015-08-21 20:29

+1 LittleFoxes4 Awesome map! i feel so happy for u cuz DanTDmM did a vid on it!

2015-08-20 01:40

0 ItzPam Hi, this is a very good map, and I made a Youtube video on it :)

Ps : The video is in french.


2015-08-18 18:03

+2 Ryanb96 hey really enjoyed the map it was really well made got a little confused near the end but that easily happens to me. and i decided to make a play though for youtube.
really awesome map

2015-08-18 14:03

0 SunCat Pls add a restart button for every level

2015-08-16 10:56

+1 FireCreeper03 Awesome map really gets your brain working however let me suggest some things if you were going to update it: First on level one if you misplace the button you have lost. On level 3 with the lava river you can run out of arrows if you aren't careful. Next, on level 4 if you place a block in the wrong area you cannot retrieve them so you have to restart the map. On level 6 if you misplace the key you have lost. Then on level 7 if you accidently push the sponge against the wall you can't get it out without breaking the wall. If you accidently place the iron block, convert it into ingots or throw it away you have lost, if you throw the eye of ender of leave it then you have lost and if you leave the diamonds you have lost. Finally, if you misplace the brick at the end you have lost. I would rate this 7/10 because it could be longer and have more difficult puzzles and since there are a lot of bugs it can make it annoying. I also heard there were bugs with using /kill in certain levels but it is in the rules no cheating so doesn't really count. Anyway this is a long one hope you consider these if you update the map.

2015-08-13 22:45

-1 TapirMoose Hey dude! Recorded your map! The block pushing mechanic was crazy! Great work, keep it up!

2015-08-13 00:03

0 Tony So... on the lava level, I shot an arrow across the lava and it hit the block above the pressure plate. One of the rules is to not break blocks, so... I think I lost the map. XD

2015-08-12 02:57

0 aarnen omg how can i give this map a like? this was by far my favorite map of all time :DD

2015-08-10 14:42

-3 Sora What did i have to do n level 5
if i jump i fall out of the world and die

2015-08-10 11:18

0 Them What happens if I run out of arrows on the lava bridge level?

2015-08-09 22:59

-4 Lacey I have an issue on the "Push" level. I accidentally pushed one of the sponges into a glass block and it vanished.

2015-08-08 01:34

-2 Macy Where is the hole on the level Find the hole? XD lol

2015-08-07 19:29

-3 Bla. Hey for the lava bridge what happens once you run out of arrows but you didnt make it? How do you reset?

2015-08-07 18:53

-4 TommyTheHeist Hey! I just finished this map. I like it! Also I made a video, here it is. If you want, you can put it above, or if you posted your map somewhere else, you can put it there also. I would like if you do that but its up to you. Anyway, Im glad I was able to play this map :)


2015-08-07 14:01

-3 Jenkolegs Good map but theres still some bugs

P.S For the first level press "E"

2015-08-07 13:28

-2 Crafter_George There is one bug in the map, if you did /kill in the first level, you get to the dropper level 6 instead of starting over. But except that it was a good map.

2015-08-07 09:15

-1 Junhaochia Quoting famenotlame:
how do i get the button in the first level

IN your Head literally!
Check your Player inventory Head Slot

2015-08-07 04:15

0 BachoBacho336 I dont know what to do in the ''find the hole'' puzzle

2015-08-06 14:10

-1 KyrinZaius Can i report some bugs I recently found in the map?

2015-08-05 18:33

+2 famenotlame how do i get the button in the first level

2015-08-05 15:27


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