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Created by Llamas22

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This is a 15-ish Level Map full of Fun and Excitement!

  • *Play in Minecraft 1.14.4
  • *Gamemode Adventure
  • *Enable Command Blocks


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Creator: Llamas22
(730 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 1.9 MB
Added: 2019-08-17
Downloads: 4,814
Category: Parkour Maps


+11 Llamas22 Quoting PlasmaLazer:
I'm pretty sure one of the bats flying around the map activated a pressure plate, which spawned me near the finish.

Yes, soon after I uploaded the map, I found that bug also. It was actually two pigs activating the pressure plate (You can see the pigs on the map image) that kept pressing the pressure plate. Y'all can just kill the pigs before you play if you want :D

2019-08-22 13:26

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+3 Llamas22 Quoting Kxtten:
Is it multiplayer compatible?

Yes it is :D

2019-08-22 13:24

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+1 Thegreathouseboy Was fun and creative, just a bit hard to navigate at times :) Looks great as well!

2019-08-21 20:11

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+8 Kxtten Is it multiplayer compatible?

2019-08-20 23:18

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+7 PlasmaLazer I'm pretty sure one of the bats flying around the map activated a pressure plate, which spawned me near the finish.

2019-08-20 19:59

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0 Thunder Gabe Cool map, there are a few weirdly place invisible blocks that cause problems in the dropper but other than that super fun. I made a video on it you can check out here

2019-08-20 06:12

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0 llamas22 I'm sorry for not realizing this before I submitted the map, but there are two pigs (You can see 'em on the screenshot) that step on one of the spawnpoint pressure plate. If you happen to die and respawn next to a tree, go back to where you last were via flying. :D

2019-08-19 23:44

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+13 notimportant the map is broken where do i go when i fall into the campfire water hole

2019-08-19 15:53

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+5 czCube Bad map, i spawned and it started raining, there was text like 'Type /weather clear' i wrote it and it was sunny, i went to 1 level i failed it then its tp me to another level, but i havent completed first level :/, after i completed level 2 there was undecorated boring parkour outside, so i did it and i met burning house with command blocks, there was no parkour :(, its the end, or what?? Is it map with 2 levels ??

2019-08-19 14:30

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