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Parkour Islands

Created by AmirKak√°

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Welcome To Parkour Islands, One Of The Biggest Minecraft Parkour Maps Ever Created.

This Map Contains+100 Levels Of Minecraft Parkour With Various Challenges, Tasks, And Lots Of Fun.

You Can Play This Map With Your Friends Or Play It In Singleplayer Mode.

Within The Map, There Are Some Hidden Diamonds Which you Can Collect To Unlock Extra Levels With.

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Map Details

Creator: AmirKak√°
(607 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 24.75 MB
Added: 2020-08-13
Downloads: 6,035
Category: Parkour Maps


+9 Synthoil One of the best maps I've ever played, a lot of creativity in the levels and in addition to the fun facts that were a lot of fun (love the reference to the office).

2020-08-29 00:03

+11 Bologna Pony This is an amazing map! The fun facts are interesting, the parkour is challenging (but not too infuriating) and the builds look great!

2020-08-24 03:09

+15 mika For 5 years playing Minecraft, this is the best parkour map I've ever play. Map and levels design is fantastic, builds are very detailed and creative.

2020-08-23 11:57

+30 Quiverheart When I loaded up the map and joined, I couldn't figure out where to go to start playing the map. Where do I go?

2020-08-20 19:27

+4 Yama Really nice map! Would totally recommend to everyone!! GO DOWNLOAD THIS MAP!

2020-08-20 15:48

+5 Sammi Hi Best Parkour Map Ever!!! REALLY LOVE THIS
Had a very nice time with my friends, thank you :)

2020-08-20 15:48

+4 Nicoluke a really good parkour map. i found only a mistake, in the level with gold and redstone repeater, if i put a redstone r. on the ground and i breack it with the pickaxe i can't anymore place it on the ground

2020-08-18 21:33

+4 VektorCz This map look awesome but one problem i had that the water bucket didn't spawn so i coulnt finish the map

2020-08-18 17:36

+13 Austin Ok how do i pass lv 3
I found the bucket n fill it with water but i cant find the coral.
Btw a pretty map

2020-08-18 08:38

+5 Mordecaiinferno One of the best parkour maps I've ever played--not too easy yet still a bit challenging. The only bug (I think) I found was a missing block in the mirror jump parkour (I verified in creative mode). Otherwise, I am so impressed with the dedication put into this map! And I certainly enjoyed the extra levels at the end.

2020-08-16 02:03

+4 Neo Gamhe Well, I know that I loved this map. 5 stars

2020-08-15 09:13

+2 James Are you ok with people playing the map, and giving you credit for making it on youtube?

2020-08-15 06:11

+3 Xx_Blurryface_xX The could bonus level wont let me pass and get the achievement. I think its a bug of some sort. Please fix it.

2020-08-14 23:16

+2 Klowd I love the random trivia facts for each level!
Challenging jumps and a lot of fun.

2020-08-14 23:02


2020-08-14 18:16

+5 Jakequaza I just started this map and it keeps talking about a magic bucket obtained in level 1 but i cannot find it anywhere, where is this bucket?

2020-08-14 17:24

+3 TheYipster This is by far one of the best parkour maps I've downloaded in a while. Took me about three hours to finish it and I had a ton of fun. Got through a whole podcast episode and a facetime call while parkouring.

LOVED the fun facts, I read through them out loud and my girlfriend and I enjoyed going down rabbit holes as she looked them up while I was playing.

Levels were easy to navigate but moderate-diffic ult in skill. I'd definitely play a sequel. I never typically leave reviews on maps so this is how you know you did an amazing job. Good luck to you in the future!

2020-08-14 08:53


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