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Shuffle Parkour 2

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Shuffle Parkour 2 is a minigame parkour Minecraft map in which once you complete a stage, you are then teleported to a random other one, so there is no order in which stages you play in; you either play until the time runs out, or play until someone gets to 25 or 50 stages. This map is a sequel to the first Shuffle Parkour map, and more features are added; that does not mean you must play the first map to understand something.

New in Shuffle Parkour 2, the stage sizes were increased from 9x9x8 blocks in the first one, to 11x11x10 blocks in this one. In addition to the standard free-for-all mode in which you try to win yourself, there is also a new teamed mode, in which you can join Blue, Red, or Yellow team, and all players on each team contribute to an overall team score. When someone gains a point, the team they're on also gains one. If someone loses a point, that team will also lose one.

This map is singleplayer and multiplayer compatible, and there is no limit to how many players can play. If you can somehow get 100 people to play this, by all means go for it. I will say that this map is mostly geared toward multiplayer, but singleplayer is certainly suitable.

Currently, there are 340 stages in the game right now. In the first S.P., they were arranged as part of a 'wall.' In this one, they are arranged as 3 connected walls, some stages you can see in the thumbnail above. Most stages are parkour, however some are puzzles, mazes, and even a few quizzes thrown in there to keep it fresh.

Another major addition, is a whole new mode: Every Level Mode. If you dare to play this mode, you will go through---and I mean this---EVERY SINGLE LEVEL in this map! There are 340 of them, HOWEVER there are some "shortcuts" some stages have, that allow you to skip over large chunks of them, so keep an eye out for them. If you skip a level, it may seem like you gain one, but at the end, all skipped levels or levels uncompleted will be deducted from the score.

I HIGHLY suggest you visit the Extras Hallways, as you can turn on other modifiers that make the game even crazier. As like the first map, there are Items you can turn on, that give you Mario Kart-like items to mess with other players, or boost yourself. There is also a stage time limit you can enable, that limits every stage (with a few exceptions) to a 30 second time limit, or you lose a level and go on. There is also Monster Mode, where vexes, phantoms, or even ender dragons could spawn and mess with you! There is also anti-cheat, which prevents people from going into creative or spectator or survival.

Stay up-to-date with updates incase it doesn't here

Download the first Shuffle Parkour

If you spot any bugs or glitches, please let me know. Thank you for playing and have fun!



2022-07-17 - Map Released.


  • Updated to 1.19.2, still playable in 1.19 and 1.19.1
  • The stage time limit is now set to 40 seconds (that goes by a bit slowly, so it's more like 48 seconds), Ignore what it says in the main description, this is the true one
  • Plus, if you run out of time with the time limit on, you won't lose a point anymore, rather just be sent to another level
  • The Wipeout stage is now worth 2 points
  • The flashing rainbow stage no longer flashes super fast colors, instead it just changes colors very calmly and slowly once every second, making it easier on your eyes
  • If you still can't look at, you can skip it without penalty using the added button
  • Adjustments to team points on teamed mode
  • Certain cringe factors are now removed..
  • If, when starting the game, you get an error: "unknown command: /function chhistenn:starting_game" or something like that, type this command in: "/setblock 22 -60 16 minecraft:redstone_block" you can't edit the music settings though, if you care about that
  • A few jumps that were impossible are now possible
  • If you're affected with blindness, you also get speed so that you don't slow down because blindness apparently slows you down now in minecraft (which is stupid btw >:{ )
  • Hopefully, this game isn't so clogged up with so much stuff going on that you can actually concentrate and enjoy, but if it's not, let me know and I'll fix it soon, when (not if, when) I see more bugs and glitches. Anyways see you when I make warioware in minecra--uh sorry I meant to say see you around, I guess, I didn't just say that, did I?


  • Updated to 1.19.1 (still playable in 1.19 if you wish, just ignore the warning message, you'll be fine)
  • Fixed a stage with an impossible jump (the statue of steve that's half colored, half black and white)
  • The Doodle Jump stage is now worth 10 points (previously 7)...
  • it isn't so easy to fall all the way back down on that monstrosity of a level
  • You can't continue to "complete" levels after you finish Every Level Mode
  • Some stages that were just too long were made shorter, like the library one
  • If a phantom presses a pressure plate, it won't mess with any players
  • If you leave the game in the middle of Every Level Mode, it won't randomly say "oh you finished!" when you come back (only in singleplayer, on a server, make sure to save your progress by saving the server first before leaving)
  • Fixed a few inaccuracies with scoring/losing points on teamed mode
  • Minor changes to some stages
  • Some "secret shortcuts" aren't as...uh...noticeable, anymore
  • While there weren't really many head-hitters in the first place (as in the first shuffle parkour), some of the annoying head-hitters have been removed

Map Details

Map Creator: Chhistenn
(111 votes)
Map Version: v1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2
File Size: 40.7 MB
Date Added: 2022-07-17
Downloads: 23,962
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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