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One Heart Warrior

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Hello Everyone!

Thanks for clicking on this map. I'd like to welcome you to an Adventure map that I've been working on since early 2016, an unofficial Hypixel Map, One Heart Warrior.

What is One Heart Warrior?

The Objective of the map is to navigate through a series of obstacles (i.e. Basic and Advanced Parkour, Find + Craft the button, Mazes, and more) with only One Heart. It tests the player's ability to achieve these obstacles with the limited health. In addition One Heart Warrior is unique because the entire map (excluding the main lobby) fits in a 5 block-wide terrain. The Player will travel through a multitude of Biomes, each biome with its own set of challenges and obstacles.

Settings + Minecraft Version

Currently the map must be played in Minecraft version 1.10.2. This is because I started building this map back in 2016 just as Minecraft 1.10 came out. I am planning on updating this to newer versions very soon! Below are the lists of settings that you will need to use to play this map:

- Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
- Render Distance: Eight Chunks
- Particles: On
- Auto-Jump: Off
- Single-player compatible: Yes
- Multi-Player compatible: Not Fully Tested

The Lobby

The lobby showcases some of the Biomes the player will traverse while playing the map. Below are just a pictures of the lobby, these screenshots don't do it justice, it's something you need to see for yourself to truly appreciate.

In addition the Lobby has cosmetics that you can enable to have while playing the map. However at the time of writing this only 50% of these cosmetics are ready for public use. The rest are still being tested but will release once completed. The cosmetics are listed below:‚Äč

- Lightning of Zeus [Completed]
- Custom Hats + Particles [Work-In Progress]
- Lobby + Map teleportation [Work-In Progress]
- 4 Magic Deadbushes [Completed]

Lightning of Zeus:
Lightning of Zeus, the God of the sky, a hilarious and perfectly time cosmetic that you can enable in the lobby while playing this map. It works as follows, if you enable Lightning of Zeus you will have a 25% chance of being struck by lightning every couple minutes. The lightning kills you and the players are reset to their most recent checkpoint. While Beta testing this map with my friends lightning of Zeus was by far our favorite cosmetic because of the amazing timing of the Lightning, a truly hilarious (and sometimes frustrating) experience.

Four Magic Deadbushes:
Each Magic Deadbush is hidden inside each lobby biome that contains secrets about the map and its creation. They are relatively easy to find and are distinctive by their green particles.

Custom Hats + Particle trails:
While this cosmetic hasn't been released to the public yet it will be soon and is a way to give you and your friends a stylish look while playing the map. Particle trails will appear either above or below a player's head and are currently limited to Heart, Note, or Cloud. The Hats include (but are not limited to due to further testing) the following:

- Tact1cal's Lucky Hat
- Leaf Hat
- Sponge Hat
- Sea Lantern Hat
- Slime Hat
- Explosive Hat
- Molten Hat
- None [Default]

Hat Selector [Coming Soon]

Lobby + Map Teleportation

This feature I am still working on however once activated in the Lobby you will be able to right click anywhere on the map and teleport to that location.

Of course this is only just the Main Lobby, the map itself has countless features and is loads of fun. Below are a couple pictures of the Map However I'm going to leave out most of it because I'll let you discover it for yourself.



2020-01-17 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Tact1cal
(106 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
File Size: 15 MB
Date Added: 2020-01-17
Downloads: 7,642
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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