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The King of Parkour Land 2

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The King of Parkour Land 2 is a singleplayer parkour experience like none other!

In this map, you will go on a challenging journey across a dozen exotic and vast locations directly inspired by the Donkey Kong Country games. Every level is highly unique and explorable, featuring a ton of collectibles, hidden paths, and secrets to uncover.

This map is substantially bigger than the first one. It’s an ambitious sequel that has been carefully crafted to inspire and amaze players with what parkour in Minecraft can truly become.

The King of Parkour Land 2 is by far my biggest project ever, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


  • 10 large and expansive levels with increasing difficulty
  • 4 Bonus Levels
  • 75+ collectibles
  • Appearances/costumes (Unlocked with collectibles)
  • Parkour Practice
  • Tutorials


  • Minecraft 1.19.3
  • Render Distance: 8+ Chunks
  • Singleplayer


Created by: DanTheDude

Ship Builds by sirBlake_:


Hey YouTubers! If you happened to be playing this map, I would highly appreciate it if you credited/linked my map and my name (DanTheDude) in your YouTube video. Thank you!

And as always, feedback and comments are most appreciated. I genuinely enjoy reading every comment as I’m always open to new suggestions and ideas. Feedback not only helps me but everyone else who plays this map, so keep 'em coming!

[ Original Release Date: 18th of December 2020 - Remastered: 2nd of February 2023 ]



2020-12-19 - Map Released.




  • Updated map to 1.19.3.

New features:

  • All levels have received visual improvements and difficulty tweaks.
  • Added a More Maps link sign.
  • Added a Skip sign in Level 3 for a part that was deemed too difficult.
  • Level 2 has been renamed: Peaceful Pier
  • Level 5 has been renamed: Ice Age Alley
  • Collectible Icons now look like the actual collectibles in the world.
  • Updated the savefile icon.

General fixes:

  • Custom advancements have been removed in order to streamline the experience.
  • Fixed an issue that would make unlocking certain rewards impossible.
  • Fixed a visual issue that would duplicate some items.
  • Tweaked several texts and signs for better clarity.
  • Technical changes for enhanced performance.



Map Details

Map Creator: DanTheDude
(499 votes)
Map Version: v2.0
Minecraft Version: 1.19.3
File Size: 137 MB
Date Added: 2020-12-19
Downloads: 10,693
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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