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Rocket Jump Parkour

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This map features several parkour stages and a few other minigames centered around using a bow that shoots explosions!

The parkour stages steadily increase in difficultly, giving you time to learn and master rocket jumping. Each stage features varied aesthetics as well as different types of jump challenges and additional gameplay mechanics. There is also an in-game timer that saves your best time for each stage.

The minigames include trying to jump the furthest in Long Jump, most accurately in Archery, using the least shots in Minigolf, and using the rocket launcher to fight monsters in PvE or other players in PvP.

I made this map because I added a bow like this to my previous PvE map, and had a lot of fun launching myself around while testing said map. And now, you too can enjoy the joy of propelling yourself through the air using explosions!

Playable in singleplayer or multiplayer in Java Edition 1.19 to 1.19.2

Unfortunetely the map will not be playable in 1.19.3 due to a change/bug with explosion knockback.



2022-12-08 - Map Released.


  • All parkour stages increased quick charge enchantment level on crossbow.
  • Stage 3 made final section easier.
  • Stage 4 made final two sections easier.
  • Stage 5 changed order of sections, to be more in line with difficulty.
  • Stage 6 added an intermediate checkpoint in section 1.



  • Still not playable in 1.19.3 :(
  • Stage 2 section 8 made a jump clearer.
  • Stage 2 section 10 made a jump easier.
  • Stage 4 section 2 added a target block indicator.
  • Stage 4 section 4 made a jump easier.
  • Stage 4 section 10 fixed falling into the void.
  • Stage 5 section 5 made a jump clearer.
  • Stage 5 section 10 made a jump clearer.
  • Stage 6 added extra checkpoints.
  • Stage 6 section 1 fixed a misplaced platform.
  • Stage 6 section 5 added target block indicators.
  • Stage 7 section 8 made a jump easier.
  • Stage 7 added extra checkpoints.
  • PvE made poison zombies do less poison.



  • Added a sign asking nicely for players to play in 1.19, 1.19.1 or 1.19.2
  • Made a jump in stage 5 section 5 a little easier.
  • Made a jump in stage 7 section 2 a little easier.
  • Added a few more tips to the tutorial.
  • Fixed an item smuggle in stage 7 from section 10 to 11.
  • Added ability to manually reset the ball to the tee in mini golf.
  • Increased frequency of passive HP regen in PvE.
  • Adjusted PvE shop prices slightly.

Map Details

Map Creator: Mr_Kheese
(29 votes)
Map Version: v1.3
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2
File Size: 26.3 MB
Date Added: 2022-12-08
Downloads: 8,734
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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