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Created by DPC Gaming

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Squared is my first minecraft map. I am pretty pleased with the outcome and I hope you have fun playing it!

-Phantom_fx (Map Creator)


1. Craft a cobblestone generator
2. Craft a bucket
3. Find all 17 spawners
4. Make an infinite snow generator
5. Make 5 snow gollems
6. Make a nether portal
7. Make a tree farm
8. Find the dungeon
9. Make an infinite water source
10. Make a pumpkin farm 
11. Collect 128 Pumpkins
12. Make a mob grinder
13. Collect 128 bones
14. Make a wheat farm
15. Make 128 Bread
16. Make a melon farm
17. Collect 256 melon slices
18. Make a mushroom farm
19. Make a giant red and brown mushroom
20. Create a 3 story house with 16 glass panes
21. Craft a bed

Map Details

Creator: DPC Gaming
(29 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.2.5
Size: 4.93 MB
Added: 2012-06-18
Downloads: 36,883
Category: Survival Maps


+1 janenola I didn't have any lava or water in my chests?

2017-04-22 21:27

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+1 sarah love it, but hate the amount of mobs. too many silverfish at once.

2015-01-27 11:22

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+1 Braden Arnold I was at the top of the castle looking down, on my first night there. i saw a spider, and was aiming my bow to kill it from high up. just then, another spider snuck up and bit me, knocking me off the top of the highest tower of the castle, killing me. damn arachnids are smart. i didn't even get to blow the bridge :c

2013-09-27 19:38

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+1 mike i built to mainland, then I did the challenges

2013-07-08 17:03

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+3 DPC Gaming Im am currently working on a V2 of this map. Going to adjust some things and maybe add a few more islands.

2013-07-06 04:11

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+1 Olav Very Nice map about survival i give this map 10 BY 10 !!! ;))

2013-02-15 21:36

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+14 alskd Way too many Mobs dude. a lot of things you have to collect too. But great map!

2013-01-06 18:37

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+7 Moutta It's easy to find the dungeon! Just look at the screenshot!

2012-11-17 15:21

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+12 Dude_Face Love it, but too many mobs.

2012-11-01 02:38

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+8 uglybad *sees title Squared*
Jk, looks cool. Downloading now.

2012-09-27 23:04

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+13 JKdestruction Great map but next time make less spawners It's such a little cube and it's swarming with pigs chickens and cows.

2012-09-22 20:57

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0 David0524 Look cool downloading it now

2012-09-18 18:49

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+13 EpicDude Too many animals and mobs. Otherwise great map!!

2012-09-17 21:14

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+2 Tomosapien seems ok :)

2012-09-06 08:39

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+11 James Seems a lot like Survival Island/Skyblock

2012-08-31 11:33

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+1 ayd cool map ;)

2012-08-24 04:42

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