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Snake Island Survival

Created by ICrafting

(16 votes)

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Map Info:
This is a minecraft survival map, where you have to live/survive on a Snake shaped island. It includes 6 Different biomes, custom objectives and lots of fun! 

Recommended for Multiplayer!
If you make a letsplay of this map, please put a link to our youtube channel in the description!
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Play at least on 'Easy' difficulty!
Don't cheat etc... Play it as an average survival map!


Made for Minecraft 1.5.2

Snake Island Survival

Creator: ICrafting
Map Category: Survival Maps
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.5.2
File Size: 5.5 MB
Date Added: 2013-03-23
Downloads: 87,895


0 Marty I love the map it is cool

2016-03-06 00:53

+10 cat580 What are the objectives? They're not showing up on my computer.

2014-12-20 17:44

+7 Exploding Tortoise Love the maps ICrafting, Keep the work up :)

2014-03-30 01:36

+49 nhunt49 I love this map and all but I wish I had someone to play it with #foreveralone :/

2013-10-06 05:59

+13 aziboy2 really realistic map!! Liked it a lot!!

2013-07-30 16:23

+11 danielk1102 Really such an amazing map! Everyday, I search for a perfect and awesome survival map, until I found this map! The challenges are quite hard but fun, the island is awesome and more!
I give this a 10 out of 10
PS: this is the best map I played so far!

2013-07-07 06:37

+7 MichdogOnMC just started my youtube channel and started with this map. :D

2013-06-24 02:17

+18 Proman 101 Quoting ICrafting:
This is gonna be an amazing series:
should add a blow up your house objective:)

2013-06-05 07:01

+16 CodyBaer This is a amazing map. Found a pet creeper

2013-05-07 14:33

+19 DogDog88 Really awesome map best survival map EVER!!!!!

2013-04-20 19:30

+16 ICrafting The amazing series of this map from another point of view:

2013-04-18 14:58

+36 wititoe Challenges are unique indeed. Awesome survival map!

2013-04-13 22:46

+57 ned1025 "Make full diamond armor, give it to a mob and then get it back." Puts on shades, grabs diamond sword. Challenge accepted.

2013-04-13 17:01

-44 GTZCC Why did you put a poisonous potato in the beginning chest when you can't plant poisonous potatos.

2013-04-06 16:43

+1 Luis

First video going up today or tomorrow, lets play snake island

2013-04-02 16:32


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