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Created by Suspiria


Map Info

Main gameplay summary
-Craft Hazmat suit (LEATHER TUNIC)
-Get magma blocks to make cobblestone
-Kill mobs to get iron
-iron > gold > lapis > diamond
-Go nether and get ghast tears and blaze powder
-Make end portal
-Defeat Ender Dragon and get the egg
-Own a trident

Map version: 0.9.4 BETA
Minecraft version required: 1.13+
Max. players: 1 (we will study co-op version if you enjoy the basic one)


Suspiria > idea, building, commands
Gilby003 > building, minor ideas, custom advancements
Giovichips > custom crafting recipes, ideas
matti100 > Map testing and gameplay


UPDATE v0.9.4 (current)
-Bug fixes.
-Spawn bug fixed.

UPDATE v0.9.3
Advancement update!
-HUGE advencement/archievement sistem rework!
-Now you can follow advancements in an easier way to complete the map!
-Many archievement added!
-Some bugs have been fixed! (spawnpoint not updated)

UPDATE v0.9.2
Adventure update!
-Added a LOT of new explorable structures with a lot of reawards and challenges to pass!
-As announced, surry stick has been moved from the "neighbour" dungeon (map developers love to call it like this :D)
-Added a beacon in the ocean temple, before getting it, you must make a carnage!

-New advancement system, more specific.

UPDATE v0.9.1
-New spawn area made
-New spawn mechanics made: now you cannot get back to the spawn area once you've started the game
-Added savior bedrock block
-New recipe book system: now you will be redirected on the online map recipe wiki!
-Added game settings: now you can decide to turn on/off gamerules with in-game family friendly gui
Gameplay updates
-Now you can smelt NAUTILUSES to get BONES
-Now you can smelt TROPICAL FISHES to get SUGAR CANES
-Added book recipe: 2 oak slab + paper (to improve the enchantment system
-Leather tunic can be crafted with 2 PHANTOM MEMBRANES and 6 HORN CORALS (we realized that 6 phantom membranes were really long to collect...)
Will be added in the future
In version 0.9.2 we will add more dungeons, more monuments, and old "neighbor dungeon" won't have that op reward more (Surry stick, that will be moved to another dungeon).


Made for Minecraft 1.13.2


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Creator: Suspiria
Version: 0.9.4
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 25.3 MB
Added: 2018-12-13
Downloads: 4,940
Category: Survival Maps

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