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News: Minecraft 1.14 has been released by Mojang! Read about it here. Also we have a 1.14 Maps page.

Important Notes

  • Please make sure that the map name you've chosen has not already been taken in that category, otherwise the submission will not work. You can keep the name but change the "Alias" to something unique instead.
  • If you have the CAPTCHA page after submitting the map, it's extremely likely that it won't have gone through. This is for spam and shouldn't happen to you, but if it does please contact us.
  • It's always recommended that you write the map description somewhere else and save it, just in case something goes wrong with the submission process.
  • There might be no confirmation message once you press the "Submit Map" button. Don't worry though, your map will still be submitted.

Submitting Your Map

This form allows you to add your own Minecraft map to our site. All map submissions will be moderated before they are approved and published. This process won't be instant and may take some time. We do this to ensure that every map on the site is playable.

Not all maps that are submitted will be accepted. It is important that you read the requirements below to maximise the chance of your map being published.

You can request to update or remove your map at any time, by using the Map Update page.

Map Requirements

  • You must be the map creator (Or one of them).
  • Your map must be complete. No demo / beta versions, unless you plan to submit the full version soon after.
  • Upload one good picture for the map in the "Add an Image" field (Adding one logo and three screenshots of the map is preferable. Hiding the UI and using Shaders will make them look better).
  • A good description of the map is very important and should not be left blank. The "Short Description" will feature on the map list page, and the "Long Description" will be on the map download page. (Putting effort into your description is important because that is what people will see before they decide to download your map).
  • Your map must not require any Minecraft client mods to work.
  • Don't include texture / resource packs in the download link if you don't have permission from the author.
  • The description and in-game story / instructions for the map must be in English (Our moderators only understand English, so maps in other languages can't be tested at the moment).
  • Make sure that the correct player spawn point has been set and that the map starts in the intended game mode (You can use a program like "NBTExplorer" to set this in the map files).

Custom Command Requirements

  • You must be the original command creator.
  • Upload one good picture for it in the "Add an Image" field (Adding one logo and three screenshots of the command creation is preferable.)
  • Write a decent description of what it creates and how to use it.
  • Sorry, we don't accept AdF.ly links for commands.

AdF.ly Usage for Maps

Due to the recent changes with adf.ly, it is highly unlikely that any map using it will be accepted at this time.

Additional Information

The description of your map may be changed by us to fix any grammatical errors, add more information to it or just make it look a bit more shinier. You can also request changes to be made to it by contacting us.

Your map will also be rehosted by us on our server. This means you will not be able to track the download stats of the map on your own host account. If this is important to you then it is best to submit your map to the MinecraftForum or PMC instead.

Thank you for submitting your map to MinecraftMaps.com, we appreciate your effort to contribute to the Minecraft community and allow everyone to experience your work!

Map Submission Form

All fields with a star (*) are mandatory and must have an entry.

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