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Solve The Cube

Created by LancePlayz

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Solve The Cube Specially Made For: UnspeakableGaming   PrestonPlayz

Made By LancePlayz You Have A Mission To Solve The Cube!  This Will Test

Your Skills To Know The Minecraft Logics, Shops, Redstone Logics, Parkour Skill, etc. So Come And PLAY NOW!


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Creator: LancePlayz
(21 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 402 KB
Added: 2018-06-17
Downloads: 2,717
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 Fireheart It's an amazing level just needs to be set for it her players

2018-06-19 14:37

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0 LancePlayz GUYS SORRY FOR THE PROBLEMS I WILL FIX THAT i am so sorry guys i did not notice that because i keep pressing TAB to make it easier
i really sorry :( this is the link that i updated the map

2018-06-18 12:15

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+2 CatCreamYT All the give commands in your map is only targeted towards "Lance_Playz" instead of "@a" or "@p". You might want to test future maps with other people to find bugs like these.

2018-06-17 21:12

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+1 hugoalh This map is broken, major items cannot give to player as most of the command block are set to give to 'Lance_Commands '.

2018-06-17 03:49

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