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Puzzle Castle

Created by emeraldfyr3

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Map Info:
Puzzle Castle: A challenging puzzle map that will test your intellect, problem-solving skills, and Minecraft know-how! Each room is its own puzzle, and they get progressively more challenging as you move on. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Puzzle Castle?

See more information and tell me what you think on its Minecraft Projects page.


1. Play on Easy.

2. No mods or other such nonsense!

3. Follow the instructions on signs. The rules change a little for different puzzles.

4. Always think "outside the box" - your creativity is your best friend in puzzle maps!

5. Have fun and enjoy the puzzles!

Map Details

Creator: emeraldfyr3
(16 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.3.2
Size: 2.39 MB
Added: 2012-09-12
Downloads: 89,665
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 TheGreenGabriel The map can be played on Co-op ???

2015-12-18 16:18

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0 Enig Very impressed with the map, well made, check out our playthrough here! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njkdGi2i1Bo

2014-06-12 12:51

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+2 Jimblejam Quoting Tommyfox:
The pig maze doesn't work anymore, as pigs no longer follow wheat.

Try carrots (just turn to creative)

2014-04-13 12:30

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+1 lukefsje The puzzles were somewhat hard, but not too frustrating. A great map!

2014-04-05 00:13

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0 FiR3 Great map man! Really enjoyed the puzzles.

2014-01-31 03:13

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+1 Vulture Quoting bob:
how do u open wooden for without clicking ? ( I'm bit stupid)

Well that one was strange so I simply changed action button in controls from RMB to keyboard letter

2014-01-29 13:41

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+1 bob how do u open wooden for without clicking ? ( I'm bit stupid)

2013-12-05 17:51

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+2 bob Quoting David:
That was really great! It was not as easy as I thought.P.S what are you supposed to do in the room with two blocks of wood and redstone under the furnace?

Break logs and plank then make logs into planks, make crafting table, sticks and then make pickaxe to remove furnace

2013-12-05 17:50

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0 Help! How do I get through the iron door after i have burned the wool?

2013-11-17 18:51

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+3 Tommyfox The pig maze doesn't work anymore, as pigs no longer follow wheat.

2013-08-06 21:24

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+3 Jojo_5464 Quoting jtmanoo:
breaks gravel, becomes flint :(

That is what is supposed to happen, you put the iron with the flint to make flint and steel and then you burn the wool :)

2013-08-03 02:41

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+2 Jojo_5464 How do you get past the level after the broken staircase - The one with the two switches :/

2013-08-03 01:54

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+1 Cheese What to do at the part with the 1 block of gravel?

2013-07-18 21:39

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-1 jtmanoo breaks gravel, becomes flint :(

2013-07-10 21:50

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+2 bumsnik_united Very well done map! Professional, challenging, but not so difficult that you get frustrated and leave. Keep up the good work!

2013-05-06 16:15

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+3 Fruitloop456 This is an amazing map I loved it, although how do you pass the room with the mushroom?

2013-04-09 04:21

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+6 Hurricane Quoting Pi to the Power of 3:
Wonderful, it was so hard I couldn't get through it without
cheating! lol P.S. How do you get past the broken staircase?

Put the sand block on the signs, because they are considered by stuff as a full block like stone or dirt.

2013-03-28 22:13

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+6 Huh Pretty awesome.

If you want feedback, though- I suggest getting rid of the pig-maze. It's more frustrating than puzzling; you know what to do almost immediately, but it takes ages to complete. And sometimes the pig doesn't stay in place when you're on the way to the door, so you have to start all over again.

The thing with the wool, though? Absolute genius.

2013-03-19 20:01

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+8 Jason5522-WASSUP The puzzles were hard, But overall good map. Also there's a few glitches with it.

2013-03-12 19:28

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+8 Bryan Hung This was a superb map! I don't even have to finish it to rate this 5 stars! The sugar cane and sand puzzle was clever!

2013-03-01 20:17

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-11 Eric i got really fustrated with 2 or 3 of the puzzles so i just cheated :

2013-02-09 05:14

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+4 nothingbutlazyGAMING Map seems good so far, I've actually picked yours out for my Youtube channel. It's a good start to my Minecraft Multiplayer videos. Thanks for creating the map. The video isn't up yet but it will be on my channel soon: http://www.youtube.com/user/nothingbutlazygaming

2013-02-05 15:26

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0 Killersundae it was decent i had a rough time with it although it was a good map i didnt think it was that long, it was great other than that. i did have to cheat to get my stuff back but i solved all the puzzles correctly. so congratulations on a great map and i hope to see more from you!

2013-01-29 23:45

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-1 Jafro159 Also, how do you get past the door without clicking?

2013-01-12 15:17

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-1 Jafro159 Quoting umblay:
I need help what do I do after you break the gravel block ?

Place and break it until you get a flint then make a lighter to burn the wool

2013-01-12 15:16

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+1 daniel1367 it was great but i had to cheat once to get past one part XD it was great fun though!

2013-01-08 01:17

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+1 umblay I need help what do I do after you break the gravel block ?

2013-01-06 22:13

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+1 Boomge For the first puzzle map i've played i was quite impressed with the design and all the complicated mechanics. However, i felt the constant changing of rules made it overly-complica ted, I kept having to go back to read signs to make sure i wasn't thinking of previous rules.

2012-12-30 15:53

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0 awesomeperson678 Really fun :D really hard and I'll admit I had to cheat for a few! 11/10

2012-12-28 06:41

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-6 Need help What do I do after I die?

2012-10-31 00:33

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