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Losing Braincells

Created by ThatEurekaDude

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Losing Braincells is a fan-made sequel in the ‘Unfair’ maps series by NICO_THE_PRO!

This map will make you lose braincells and pull your hair out as you solve puzzles (and of course get trolled along the way).

Collect all three fragments and get to the end to claim victory! Losing Braincells is very difficult, so please use this walkthrough if you are stuck.

Enjoy, and don’t rage too hard!

- ThatEurekaDude


Map Details

Creator: ThatEurekaDude
(31 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.1
Size: 9.3 MB
Added: 2018-12-22
Downloads: 1,620
Category: Puzzle Maps


-1 EedianDiver Skeppy fan?

-*- Hi, if you want to contact me, I live in chicago IL :)

2018-12-27 23:14

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+1 Miner X Yep, that's a pretty good map, there, boy-o.

2018-12-23 01:20

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