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30 Minute Escape

Created by CatCreamYT external

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Map Info

Welcome to 30 Minute Escape.

You wake up in a small house with no clue how you got there. Upon waking up, you notice the bomb placed on your head. With the timer ticking you must find a way to survive the blast and escape the house.

The timer is only 30 minutes long. With such little time, can you figure out a way to escape before the clock ends? Or will you succumb to your fate?


  • Play in 1.13 only. 1.13.x will not work.
  • Stay in adventure mode.
  • Do not craft with iron bars
  • Do not smelt using sticks, ladders, or tools

Things to Know

  • There is a more than likely chance that you will not complete the map on your first attempt. Feel free to try again.
  • This map is meant for only 1 player.
  • Once you die, the map is over. If you wish to play again, you must reload a new world of the map.


Map Details

Creator: CatCreamYT external
(38 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.13
Size: 467 KB
Added: 2019-06-19
Downloads: 8,121
Category: Puzzle Maps

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+4 ccjones Awesome map. Felt as good, if not better, than some of the escape rooms I've been to in real life. Definitely captured all of the fun I've had with escape rooms. 10/10!

2019-07-15 02:08

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+1 Someone I escaped into the void using the water bucket, by working my way up over the barrier walls.

2019-07-06 19:51

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-2 Eorana It’s a good map but once in two, I have a « normal » ladder instead of a special ladder that can be placed on Oak wood.
Moreover, during an attempt, I didn't received any stick from bushes. It prevents to complete the map.

2019-07-01 08:56

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+3 FranticMiner A pretty good map overall, the design and flow was quite nice. ***PAST THIS POINT IS SPOILERS*** I actually found a different way to exit, by going inside the sand/cage room, i could use the water bucket to get out and into the front porch. From there i actually ended up grabbing the shovel from outside, dug the sand and made the potion to escape. I never used the TNT, nor the glowstone considering the base resistance of the potion was more than fine to protect me. I also never used the golden helmet because I got the shovel a different way then normal, so the hoe was never required. Still an overall excellent map

2019-06-25 19:02

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-1 Silverfish003 Great puzzle map with great concept I loved, but I found a shortcoming that kept me from playing...I was completely stuck and had no idea what to do after founding gunpowder chest, sword, 2 sticks, 1 string, a sword, 2 turtle helmet stufflike and a pickaxe, shears. I don´t know what to do.

2019-06-24 12:29

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+1 Thunder Gabe awesome map, this is one of the coolest escape maps I have ever played. I love how none of the puzzles are "go into rage mode" difficult but with the timer, it still feels like a challenge. Also, side note, The entire build looks dope! I made a video on my channel of your map you can check that out by searching " Thunder Gabe 30 Minute Escape " on youtube.

2019-06-21 17:01

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-1 Wizard1st Hey I just upload play your map it's funny map but something bug in map please fix it

2019-06-21 12:40

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-1 MeneerIk3030 Very nice puzzle map!

2019-06-20 18:01

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