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Minecraft Puzzle Maps for 1.13

These puzzle maps were made for Minecraft 1.13 (Java Edition). 1.13.1 & 1.13.2 maps are also included.

Simply escape the house to win. The only catch is that you must figure out what to do when the bomb on your head reaches 0:00. You have 30 minutes.

A new escape-room-like experience in which you commit to infiltrate in RPG Corp. But things don't always work as planned.

Escape prison and break into the feds.

Jumpless Medley is a map inspired by Captain Toad. Collect 5 stars in each of the 8 different levels without being able to jump. 

This unfair map will make you FLIP!! Can you complete it?

Are you ready to esape the ultimate End Prison?

This is an Easter egg hunt with a 'What doesn't belong' by Trevor concept twist. Made for CaptainSparklez in hopes he will decide to play, thus possessing multiple references to him throughout the said map.

Difficult set of challenges, 6 different challenges! On each mode you can find easter eggs!

The map is part a 'What Doesn't Belong' type map but transitions into more simpler questions about Versions of Release, Alpha, Beta, Seecret Friday Updates, April Fools and more without being too snapshot difficult.

Each level will have 7 different pairs, but 3 of those pairs are not correct. Which ones? How well do you know Minecraft trivia?

After the lab you're working at goes into lockdown, you must use clues to help you escape the facility.

Based on Trevor's "Which Doesn't Belong", this map adds the twist that the thing that doesn't belong needs to be replaced with the thing immediately below it.

The Neverending Mansion awaits you. Can you defeat its many puzzles and tricks throughout 5 different chapters to escape? Download to find out.

You will get 8 items. You're task will be to group the items up into 2 groups of 4. How well do you know Minecraft trivia?

It's a puzzle map! Wait, you only have 15 seconds to solve all the puzzles! Can you do it?

The sequel to the Odd One Out, and Odd One Out Two, both inspired by Trevor's "Which Doesn't Belong". Find which block doesn't fit in with the rest.

Escape. The. Prison. But wait - it's not an ordinary prison, Can you escape the Slime Prison and defeat the boss?

Escape the Void is a challenging puzzle map where you wake up in a strange world made of void, connected through 9 levels. Each level goes up in complexity. Will you be able to escape? Can you figure out who placed you in this mysterious world? Download this map to find out.

A twist on "What Doesn't Belong" maps. In each level you will have to pair up 2 items. To do so, you will need to find a secret correlation between them. How well do you know Minecraft trivia?

Given a sequence of blocks/items/mobs/ect, your task is to figure out what comes next in the sequence.