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Created by GameTourney

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My name is GameTourney, I have made two maps called Peace on Earth and Chilled Parkour. I do have a Youtube, but you can find that link inside the map.

Stage 1

Includes: Iron bars, blocks, ladders

Stage 2

Includes: Speed and jump parkour

Stage 3

Includes: Iron Bars, blocks, ladders, barriers

Stage 4

Includes: Maze, slimes

Boss Round

You will have to wait and see :D

Map Details

Creator: GameTourney
(43 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 559 KB
Added: 2015-05-01
Downloads: 36,549
Category: Parkour Maps


0 kai cool map i loved it

2017-07-14 01:05

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-1 EvilBloxBoss Quoting Matthew:

fun parkour map
you can find out the secret boss level

boss level might be hard
I don't like parkour

If you played the map, could you inform us WHAT exactly the boss is?

2017-04-24 21:12

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+2 R@ndomguy6161 The picture is bugging me because you copyrighted it

2016-08-15 04:19

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+6 TANNERRRR Amazing map! But food?

2016-06-27 14:52

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+3 Matthew positives:

fun parkour map
you can find out the secret boss level

boss level might be hard
I don't like parkour

2016-04-30 21:26

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+9 StitchyLuca Well, it would have been easier if you got food at the beginning :/

2015-06-01 15:17

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+7 iKingGamer Nice map i recorded its no English but dutch sorry in you don't understanding it but it was Nice to play :D http://youtu.be/zlHB5FH15UU

2015-05-09 20:58

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+14 ZotteR This map is very good for entertainment I enjoyed it tremendously, I hope that you can create more like this map

2015-05-09 15:44

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+15 AirplaneCrafter It's such an extremely good map! It is the best I played!

2015-05-05 02:19

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+6 JohnDerps EXTREME AWESOME (I love the boss battle round
and all other lvls's difficulty

2015-05-04 15:15

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+6 ram┼źnasCL The Best parkour map !! Later i gona record it, ant i upload link here ;)

2015-05-04 13:16

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-7 Gamerful Sorry I tried to record it, couldn't get past like the 4-5th jump, I ran out of food bar which confused me as well

2015-05-03 22:32

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+4 DRAKE it was a good map C: I like it a lot :D

2015-05-03 03:51

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-44 Da_Biscuit_Man_4 This map was misleading. I could not make it past the fifth jump after 30 minutes, and it was just really poor and did not live up to the hype I thought it would be.

Really misleading , 2/10

2015-05-02 17:40

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+17 DragonCreator That was a great map GameTourney, it was the best parkour map I have played so far

2015-05-02 17:17

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+15 GameTourney I hope you all enjoy! Get this out to your favorite youtubers!

2015-05-02 11:15

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+6 ThePower13579 Meh. 1st level was way too hard :/ Other levels were super easy. Boss fight was not too engaging but it made me laugh so i liked it.

2015-05-02 05:47

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+15 5uperTrinity Positives:
-A cute little story line
-Fun, classic parkour

-No real progression in difficulty

Overall a really nice map, surprised it would be this fun to play, very recommended!

2015-05-01 22:50

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+6 llcooljok This is a awesome map keep up the good work

2015-05-01 22:03

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+6 Marissa Very fun but short

2015-05-01 21:49

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+8 VP1630 great map bro, I played your chilled parkour and this map was just as good :)

2015-05-01 20:30

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+6 Amy_42 Very Good!

2015-05-01 19:45

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