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Created by Kinglau3

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Levels is a challenging parkour map for minecraft, it features three different layers of puzzles to be solved. There is also a nice story to follow as well.

It's important to play this map on peaceful mode, as enemies spawning isn't intended, and could cause issues while playing.

The main download is for the single-player version, but if you want to play it with a friend, then you should download the multi-player version instead, found here.

Map Details

Creator: Kinglau3
(106 votes)
Version: 4.8
MC Version: 1.2.5
Size: 11.02 MB
Added: 2011-11-11
Downloads: 97,539
Category: Parkour Maps



2018-03-16 07:39

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0 Aindriu1802 Damn, great map! 10/10! I found few secrets, and this game gave me a lot of fun.

2018-02-07 19:55

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+1 Tyler68673 I`m not 1 to comment on maps like this but it WAS COMPLETLY AMAZING. I give you my gratatude for making such a good map :D

2017-10-26 11:05

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0 sKAAALa1802 Nice map, I had 1-3 bugs, 8+/10 :).

2016-12-13 19:41

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-2 BV502 Good map, puzzles were kind of easy and the parkour jumps were good. I enjoyed the map. 7/10

2016-03-20 10:18

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0 Warrior This map is awesome and this your first map Wow keep it going man :D

2016-01-20 12:50

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-3 Rocket12 I'm not gonna pressure you because this is your first map, but calm down on the fire and lava! There is so much fire and lava, It lags like a bad computer! And I have a pretty good computer! The Nether didn't even lag me this much! If there wasn't crazy lag even with the best graphic settings (Render Distance: Tiny, Smooth Lighting: OFF, Fast/Fancy Graphics: Fast), Maybe I would enjoy this map more. The lag literally made the map impossible to enjoy. Less fire and lava next time. This map earns a 7/10. It was enjoyable until the lag party started. But I don't know if the performance of my computer is not good, or it is the version. And when I play other maps with lava, It never lags now. I don't know if your map increased my performance because of the fire and lava, or it is the version I needed to use.

2015-06-01 23:16

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-1 LOLGamer awesome i like parkour,puzzle and maze!

2015-04-30 09:11

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+4 MysterBoy The best Map EVER!!

2014-02-21 10:56

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0 salemminecraftgamer nice puzzles and parkour and awesome map

2013-12-11 21:26

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+3 NixGamez Really nice map, great job for your first map, keep it on ;)

2013-09-21 17:02

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+8 creeper nice great job keep it up and make more maps dude.

2013-04-12 00:26

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+21 Maxx10680 Thanks for this map! I had alot of fun :)

2013-03-29 04:54

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+13 PokeGamer90 I`m not 1 to comment on maps like this but it WAS COMPLETLY AMAZING. I give you my gratatude for making such a good map :D

2013-02-14 13:55

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+25 Bearogon This map was amazing

2013-01-08 20:45

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+35 glowworm its awesome i loved it

2012-10-06 21:58

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+43 Italyboss Played it and its really awesome nice work more of this would be nice ^^.

2012-09-13 14:41

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+15 Coolpilot i can tell this will be Awesome!!!
i still didnt play.

2012-08-24 21:18

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