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Emoji Parkour

Created by Anomonous


Map Info

Parkour up an emoji themed tower!

Additional Info

  • Difficulty 6/10.
  • Playtime: About 30-45min.
  • Easy parkour.

Have fun!

Made for Minecraft 1.12.2

Emoji Parkour

(119 votes)
Creator: Anomonous
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 695 KB
Added: 2018-11-21
Downloads: 6,658
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 Damian this map is bad becouse of this think:
1 no command: KeepInventory
2 checkpoints is really far away
3 the parkour is really hard becouse 1 type of it is here too close to wall
4 for what is this anchanted stick?

2018-11-30 15:08

+2 MCmadness77 How can this be considered an easy map, when the fourth jump, is nearly impossible? it took me a good 20 attempts to do it, in creative.

2018-11-25 21:37


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