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Classic Parkour

Created by Gamerichie

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Map Info

Nowadays parkour maps are filled with special, interesting, and unique aspects.

This map is the exact opposite.

In this map, you will find fifteen levels featuring amazingly fun but classic parkour.

The map is for 1.9, but the actual types of parkour could be made all the way back in Minecraft Beta 1.8!

This is the ideal map for you if you just want to play a nice, fun map without having to think too much.

Enjoy yourself in this map!


Map Details

Creator: Gamerichie
(127 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 248 KB
Added: 2016-05-31
Downloads: 12,672
Category: Parkour Maps


0 shadowolf365 Hey I just made a video on your map! Check it out!

2016-09-02 03:08

+2 Gamerichie Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!
Stay on the lookout for a new map of epic and awesome proportions... COMING SOON!
Once again, TicksTox will be a part of this!
Stay tuned!

2016-06-24 01:55

+1 PennutButterJelly WHY THE BONUS

2016-06-11 17:35

+1 Romch Great map, dude! Here is my let's play:

2016-06-06 00:28

+4 Rulerofthedeep I can't believe I found all the keys. I even found the one hidden under lava after randomly clicking for 3 seconds.

2016-06-03 02:14

+1 SlimeGaming123 Gamerichie!
Loved your map, i also played supreme parkour as well! I would love to help you on your next map :P
P.s, some of the chests were quite hard to find

2016-06-03 01:07

-3 Diamondslayer42 good map also found the 14 levers

2016-06-02 08:40

0 McFoxyYT I had 2 keys at the end... aka levers

2016-06-01 03:50

+1 Ethos Awesome throwback map!

2016-05-31 21:51

0 Harold P. Blackwood This was freaking awesome, but one question: Where were the other 4 bonus levels?

2016-05-31 21:07

0 Owen Wisden. REALLY FUN! map because it was not to hard and not to easy just right for me so PLEASE PLEASE MAKE MORE MAPS LIKE THIS ONE
because it was COOL 5 OUT OF 5 FOR ME !!!!

yours sincerely.

2016-05-31 16:10


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