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Created by CheeseMaps


Map Info

The map broken is a custom map in which you must find buttons.

There are 10 different levels. They all have been tested and are possible.

This is a good map to play if you are bored and would like something to do.

The map supports multiplayer, but we would not recommend it.


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Made for Minecraft 1.12


(161 votes)
Creator: CheeseMaps
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 13 MB
Added: 2017-07-25
Downloads: 3,230
Category: Parkour Maps


0 M1n3er Quoting ChristianAidan:
Can we break blocks? I'm in /gamemode 0 (survival)

No You cannot Break Blocks The Commands messed Up do /Gamemode a

2018-01-26 02:09

+2 ChristianAidan Can we break blocks? I'm in /gamemode 0 (survival)

2017-07-27 20:07


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