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Created by MacoSK

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Hi guys. I'm from Slovakia so sorry for my bad English.

This is my first Adventure/Challenge map.

In this map you must jump down, find the chest and press the button. The catch? You only have one heart while attempting it.

  • USED PLUGINS: WorldEdit, VoxelSniper
  • TESTERS: JustFiho,savesCZ
  • SERVER: private..
  • MAP VERSION: 1.9.x , eng version is in BETA
  • PLAY TIME: 10-15 mins.

The map was tested and it's fully playable.

Map can have some mistakes in grammar so sorry for that.

Please download the map, and rate it. :)


Map Details

Creator: MacoSK
(338 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 1.2 MB
Added: 2016-08-03
Downloads: 23,624
Category: Parkour Maps


+5 Porter I did a funny moments on this map with my friend! Let me know what you thought? [2k subs]

2016-09-02 05:12

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+8 sk.gamer This Parkour is the best parkour map i ever play and i have a video with that

2016-08-28 10:35

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+4 KT This map was so much fun! Thanks for the YouTube content :D Really sorry if I mispronounced your name, I'm not the best at pronunciations. Really enjoyed the map, especially the chests with the wool in it that made it a little different from similar maps. I wish you luck in your map making adventure!
The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Bhy9TktQ6A

2016-08-12 18:52

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+4 MichaelTheMiner It's soo hard! But i still love this map. This map is good for master parkours! Good job!

2016-08-12 06:56

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+5 Bahanior I realy like your map.
Maybe you have to told the map user:
Don´t put the button from your had.
It´s a great map

2016-08-09 09:58

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+2 Dosmento I Love This Map It Was SOOOOOOO God

2016-08-06 17:08

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+1 funbowX3000 I'm from Canada and I adore your map!!!!!!!!

2016-08-05 12:15

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+1 sportakus2 Hello from slovakia too!

Čau, vidím že nie som jediný ktory hovorí po slovensky! :D

Gonna test this map. Maybe I will comment later.

2016-08-04 16:49

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+5 Marino well im for Slovenia so... Verjetno bos razumel kaj sem rekel ,bom probal mapo.

2016-08-04 08:21

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