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The Contagion

Created by AeroSlothy

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Map Info

As a middle-aged journalist, you have decided to plunge down on one of the latest news articles at a local news web in regards to a disease located in a town.

This disease grew largely and has spread through the outskirts of the municipality. Because there are no answers as to how this infection started and increased, it is clear that you yourself, have to go to the area to explore and investigate the truth and what was or is happening with the other victims at the town.

This is my first Minecraft Map so be sure to leave any feedback if there are any general mistakes throughout the story.


  • Vanilla 1.11.2 Map
  • Map has 3 endings. (Good Ending, Bad Ending, Secret Ending)
  • Custom Effect Items
  • 2 Player Compatible
  • More information in books.

Additional Info

PS: Aeroz & Tested are the same person, as they are both my minecraft accounts. I hope this clears up for everyone.

This means I have made the entire map myself (excluding the textures and the sounds, which I am thankful), not with another creator.

I do this so I could test multiplayer compatibility and the map spawn when playing in 2 players.


Map Details

Creator: AeroSlothy
(146 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 5.6 MB
Added: 2019-08-22
Downloads: 2,034
Category: Horror Maps

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+2 Em i got stuck in the part with the trucks and all of the military people and i keep dying there and i don't know how to get past it and I have to restart everything once i die (delete map and reinstall) because there is no button to go back to start. How do you get past that par?

2019-08-23 20:30

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+12 Moonlight Me and my friend tried playing but he doesnt get the resourcepack and we use hamachi and lan to play with together

2019-08-23 15:21

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