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One Day


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Map Info

Welcome to horror map "One Day"...

There is one level in total. One village, one accident, five chests! Your Mission - find all 5 chests!


  • don't place blocks
  • don't breack blocks
  • /gamemode 2


Map Details

(1784 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9.4
Size: 21.4 MB
Added: 2016-08-24
Downloads: 28,799
Category: Horror Maps


+2 Snams It Looks So Scary I can't Wait To Play It!

2018-08-07 07:11

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+3 keven UGHHH WHAT A SCARY MAP!!!!!!!

2018-05-18 20:56

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+24 Kenridge Koala can there be 2 players?

2017-08-13 14:33

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+2 Cyber Electro Gaming Good map! I just recording it


2017-03-25 23:34

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-1 Cyber Electro Gaming Hello guys! I just record and upload this video at


2017-03-25 23:30

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+5 cuteworld This map reminds me of the rec movie

2017-02-06 16:16

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+1 Exotiotic played your game and i thought it was good, gave me some slenderman vibes from it lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeGbaHamxIw

2017-01-13 23:21

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+1 SaukiGaming This is the best horror map I ever played
i made a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4NSDYxUCs8

2017-01-08 19:19

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0 iCarro Quoting HydroNoxcrew:
this map made me buy a new computer

This is awesome

2016-12-25 19:42

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-3 flatstanley DOES THIS INVOVLE

2016-12-19 16:35

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+2 CrazyFoxHD That´s the best horror map I ever play,my hearth get´s broken =))

2016-12-11 09:18

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+7 SteleWolf This was a very fun/scary map! I really enjoyed it, and made a gameplay of it on my channel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P87VY_C98qo
I would suggest playing it!

2016-10-13 01:32

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-4 SILENTKILL30 Great Map! Season 2 of my Minecraft Horror Stories has begun and running threw all of October... Heres a gameplay walkthrough... CHECK IT OUT!


2016-10-02 19:53

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-5 Red_King_Cyclops Did any one notice this map's Christmas theme? Also, I noticed most of the textures were from a resource pack called "Life HD."

2016-09-17 11:16

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+3 SassyAngel112 This map was good, I definitely didn't get scared from the jump scares. I play many minecraft horror maps though so that could be why. I did enjoy it, and I hope you make more :) check out my video if you would like! Thanks.

2016-09-15 19:21

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-8 Owen Wisden. This map was really good and scary found all chests tho it could be improved but over all 4 out of 5.

Yours sincerely.

2016-09-10 21:02

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-4 HydroNoxcrew this map made me buy a new computer

2016-09-10 16:30

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-4 Starzis Loved to play the map! It really scared the hell outta me!!
This is the german version, because im from Germany xD..


2016-09-08 03:25

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-7 oddieball1234 Not bad of a map. recorded it as well


2016-09-07 02:56

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-10 Mega_Turkey I enjoyed this map, though a little hard to find the final chest. And i had to remove the copyrighted music for YouTube. My play through is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSJHFNAOO5Y

2016-09-06 14:51

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-5 Mega_Turkey I thoroughly enjoyed this map, though it was a bit hard to see at times with brightness all the way up. Imade a playthrough here? https://youtu.be/tSJHFNAOO5Y

(just a notice for other people who record for youtube, there is some copyrighted music in it)

2016-09-03 11:33

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-5 VictorLight TBH I was laughing the whole time,i saw him in a house and took his head and armor, the whole thing wasn't scary at all, it needed more sound effects with the ''Jumpscares'' as the sounds what make the game horrifying...Yo u can still improve your work i believe in you :D

2016-08-30 23:28

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-3 Milooo Hey! awesome map dude I played it on my youtube channel here:

2016-08-27 18:22

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+1 edog singleplayer?

2016-08-27 01:12

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-2 DonutyBuffalo That was good! That first jumpscare got me! But the ending was weird.....

2016-08-26 23:05

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-12 Obay878 its impossiple to find the 5th chest someone tell me the coordinates *-*

2016-08-26 15:34

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-4 TheSurvivorKing Great map! I loved it

2016-08-26 15:03

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+6 John does this work multiplayer??

2016-08-26 12:46

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-6 matoi is kinda hard to find. what is this? find the chest??

2016-08-26 11:04

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-7 TheSurvivorKing Great map a few scares all round Great map :)

2016-08-25 15:38

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