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Claustrophobia Cube

Created by nicofaster_21

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Map Info

Claustrophobia Cube is the result of the mapping challenge made by NICO_THE_PRO, consisting on making a map inside a 10x10x10 area. The rules of the contest were: 

  • You Have to create a map inside a 10x10x10 bedrock area
  • Commandblocks can go outside the area, 3 blocks away of it maximum (including redstone components and armor stands)
  • The use of fuctions, /clone or Structure blocks is not allowed
  • You cannot do any extra plataform/box to store rooms commands


The map itself contains 4 mini-games:

  • Parkour: complete 10 random generated parkour courses in under 150 seconds to win
  • PvE Arena: kill 50 enemies before dying to win
  • Quiz: answer correctly 10 random questions in under 90 seconds to win
  • ButtonClicker: click 40 buttons in under 70 seconds  to win
  • Do you think this will be easy? it's a map inside a 10x10x10 area after all...

Playtime: depends on player skill, speed and memory level, but around 30 minutes.


  • Singleplayer only 
  • No plugins or mod are required
  • Minimum render distance 2
  • Don't change your gamemode
  • Full rules in-game


Map Details

Creator: nicofaster_21
(139 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.1 MB
Added: 2018-05-09
Downloads: 2,619
Category: Game Maps


+2 nicofaster_21 Quoting TheWirelessBlade:
Great map, love the maps made by NICO_THE_PRO. Does anyone know who won that contest?

The contest ended roday, NICO will play the maps this week and decide the winners

2018-05-10 19:42

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0 TheWirelessBlade Great map, love the maps made by NICO_THE_PRO. Does anyone know who won that contest?

2018-05-10 17:11

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+1 Xerdnyz Great map, perfect for NICO_THE_PRO! The parkour one is hard tho :|

2018-05-10 13:34

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+1 StormFlame Gaming Great map! Really challenging and fun!


2018-05-10 05:51

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